Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Friday, February 27

Sitting in "Hot"lanta!!

We are sitting here in Atlanta, Georgia waiting to get on our flight to Mexico!! YAY!! See-ya later friends! Hola amigos!!

Thursday, February 26

Got Mexico on the brain???

I do!! I also have the Melting Pot on the brain today, too!! I am going to dinner late tonight to the Melting Pot with my friend Liz.....then tomorrow I am leaving to go to Mexico. Whooohoooo!!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 24

Nakey Baby!!

So tonight I had bible study at my friends house. I don't normally take my daughter, but since my husband is sick, I figured it was best.

If only you could have been there!! My daughter decided she wanted to strip down. Yes, strip down completely naked....socks included. She then began to dance around in the kitchen saying "nakey baby!" We all had a good laugh. :) Instead of getting upset, I had to smile. I just sat there and thought to myself:

Kids will be kids!!

I could have yelled at her or forced her to get dressed, but then I thought about a bit of advice that had been told to me....."pick and choose your fights wisely". I know that if I was to get upset about this, it could result in her getting upset too and disturbing everyone at the bible study. I'm glad I chose not to fight with her on this. (Now had we been in a store or around strangers, I def. would have handled things differently) In the end, she came to me shortly and was ready to get dressed.

Don't you just love it when your children create embarrassing moments for you? :-)

On another note

On another note...my husband called me this morning. He had been out of work due to a soar throat and just not feeling good. He finally went to the Dr's this morning and sure enough....IT'S STREP!!

Yes my lovely husband is at home right now laying on the couch sick with Strep. Ewww.

I get strep about 3 times a year...seriously!! I do not want it. Whats my plan of attack?? Lysol the entire house and make my hubby sleep in the guest bedroom.

Sorry honey, I'm not willing to take one for the team this time! :-)

While on lunch!!

Yes...I am on my lunch !!

I do get a lunch. I also get two 10min breaks as well. Hmmmm. I guess there is a lot of things that I could do at that time, but I choose to go on line. I check my facebook or read up on people magazine, I even write on my blog.

You would think that this is my business and no one elses! YOU WOULD THINK!!

Well...there is someone that feels that it is her business to track not only what I do, but what one of my friends does as well.

This same person, calls me "despicable" because I said yes to an opportunity that would help me and my family. This opportunity kept me from losing my house! This opportunity kept my family fed! This opportunity gave me a chance to breathe! We all do things that we need to do to get by and be happy!

This same person has done what she has needed to do to be happy in life. She has done things that she felt was best for her, that we all know were wrong. I have no problem with that. I have never said anything, nor do I even make a point to think about it.

So...this is what I do think.
  • I have too much to do than worry about what others are doing.
  • I guess she has nothing to do, but worry about what others are doing.

My solution? Don't have one! Unfortunately, I can't wave my magic wand and make mean people go away!!

Monday, February 23


I never thought I'd be so happy to have my daughter tell me "I pooped mommy, I pooped!"

You see, we spent about 6 hours at the children's hospital last night.

Let's start from the beginning. Last Sunday my daughter had blood in her pull up. I called the on call nurse and she said as long as it does not continue, to just wait it out and call the pediatrician in the morning. I did, and they made us come in. They did the usual check up and figured that it was probably just irritation from having diarrhea the day before. (Sorry, just realized I had left that out) To make sure, they still sent me over the CHKD to have her blood drawn to run some test. When I got the call the next day saying that her blood work came back fine, I too thought her bowel was just irritated from the diarrhea.

Until yesterday!!

My husband and I were getting ready to go to the store. I had Alexi try to go potty, just like any other time. It's been the "potty training" routine. Well this time when I pulled her pull up down, the whole thing was filled with blood. (OK, I'm a worried mom and may exaggerate a little, but it was a lot. A lot more than that last week) I called the on call nurse again and they told me that since this time it was only blood and mucus, no stool, to go to the emergency room. So we did.

After sitting in the waiting room for 5 long hours watching the baby in front of us playing happily, a toddler on the other side of her vomiting in baggies, a boy to our right laying lifelessly in his fathers arms and a female teenager to our left looking like she was just beat up, our name was called.

The first Dr. we saw said he thought it was just the tear on the exterior of her bowel that was causing the bleeding and he thought she was fine. (He really needs to stick to endocrinology!!) I told the Dr. that I did not think that was the problem. I just could not believe that a small tear on the exterior of her bowel caused all that blood. (Now mind you, she bled quite a bit during our 5 hour "experience".) Not to mention, how would she have gotten this tear to begin with?? He had a second Dr. come in an take a look as well. Good thing he did. The second Dr. said she thought it was more than that and ordered a "picture of Lexi's tummy" (x-ray). What did we find?? Well there were 3 blockages, which were causing tearing on the inside of her bowels. Results??? Bleeding.

Yes, essentially my daughter is constipated. But what is causing this? We still don't know. It could be that she's trying to hold it in instead of going in the potty. This is not uncommon with potty training; it comes down to a security issue. It might be that we just need to alter her diet a little. On a more serious note, it could be Crones disease. The Dr. said the following: We need to give her Murilax twice a day for 8 weeks. If she poops with in two days, we won't be as concerned at this time. We will continue with the Murilax and hope that its just a simple fix. If she didn't poop within two days, we'd have to take her to see a GI Dr. If the the problem continues, we will have to look into getting her tested for Crones disease. (Any prayers are welcomed. I just found out Crones disease actually runs in the family.)

Thus, why I was happy to hear my daughter say "I pooped mommy, I pooped!" It's a start to figuring all of this out.

Saturday, February 21

Just got home

I just got home from the movies. I had a really great time tonight. As stated previously, we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was a cute movie...def. a chick flick, but cute movie. It's been about a year since I've been to a movie theatre. As a matter of fact, I used a free ticket tonight that I got last year at the movies. I know...I'm sad. I don't normally do movies. They really have to be chick flicks for me to enjoy them. If not, I'm taking a pretty expensive nap. Yes, I said expensive!! And I didn't even pay for my movie! I had no idea that for a medium soda (which is bigger than a value size drink at chick-fil-a) and a small popcorn was over $10.00? Wow...what happened to a cheap movie and popcorn night?

Anyway...we made a pact to do this once a month and here's how I see it:



Med. Soda-$5.00

Night out with great friends- PRICELESS!!!

Yes...I love the idea of doing a dinner and movie night once a month.

5:30am?? Really??

Can somebody tell me why I have been wide awake since 5:30am?? Really...do I need to be up this early? I have nothing going on this morning that I need to get a head start on. I've been thinking about it while sitting here drinking my hot chocolate:
  • I did my shopping last night. True I may need to run back to the store, but not for anything pressing.
  • I packed my clothes for Mexico already. I still have to pack Alexi's things, but again, nothing to be concerned about.
  • The only plans I have today is dinner and a movie tonight with Regina & Liz. (We're going to dinner at Max & Erma's and then gonna see Confessions of a Shopaholic)
  • Laundry is pretty much caught up.
  • Even my house is cleaned already.

I want to be sleeping right now!! I'm yawning...isn't that a sign of being tired?? Come on. My plan was to spend the day playing with my daughter and now I have a feeling that I may be sleeping later.


Friday, February 20

Putting Two and Two Together

I wasn't going to blog about any of this stuff, but on my way in to work today I put two and two together.

Three weeks ago on a Sunday morning...ok, late morning (we go to the 11:00 service) we were sitting in church. The topic? Money! Ugh. Yes, once a year my pastor talks about money and tithing. Not what people usually want to discuss, but as usual here was our annual discussion. At the end of the service we were all given forms choosing whether or not to commit to tithing. This is not mandatory...and believe me, my church is quite the opposite from those that try to bleed members for money. My pastor hates talking about it as much as I do. Anyway....I "him & haul" over what to do. This is big...I'm at church and I refuse to commit to something that I won't follow through with. I sat and prayed about it. And then I sat and thought about it. Gosh...that $$$ could add up. Hmmmmm...what to do, what to do???

What did I do??? I committed to tithing. I put down a number that I was comfortable with. Now believe me when I say I had a one on one with God that day. I started tithing and continued about my business ever since.

Well during this same time our mortgage company had been bought out by some no-name company. Well let me tell you....no-name companies can be a blessing at times! This company had decided with the way the economy has been, to help all of their customers across the board, with lowering their mortgages. True...I was not in need of help with my mortgage, (trust me, there were times when I did), but......if you want to lower it anyway?...by all means!!!

Now I asked, what was in it for them of coarse? No one just gives money away...not in these times!! There reason? If they lower the mortgages to what home owners can afford, there is a much lesser chance of foreclosures. Now pop quiz!! What is a mortgage companies worst fear? If you answered foreclosure you are right!!! With help of the banks, our mortgage company was able to do this for home owners...once catch though....it had to be across the board with all of their home owners. Yes, so that includes me!! My mortgage is now $400.00 less a month!!

Now from what I am hearing, not all mortgage companies are on board with this yet. I hope they all get on board real soon! I think this could make a big difference in the foreclosure problem that is going on right now.

So have you put two and two together yet???

God had a plan and he trusted me to follow. I did....and I was rewarded.

Check my church out at: WWW.Famchurch.net

Thursday, February 19

There's a Strawberry Margarita with my name on it!!

I truly believe that there is a strawberry Margarita waiting for me in Mexico right now!! One week and 19hrs to go!!!


It's been some time...

Sorry. I know it's been some time since my last blog. I have had a lot going on lately.

Let's see:
Friday-Ummmmmm Went out with Michelle for drinks. Started at kelly's, left with Billy to Just George's and then to South Beach. It was an interesting night...might I ad? Alexi had her Valentines Day party at daycare. Gotta love all the cute Valentines.

Saturday-Valentine's Day-Fred, Alexi and I went for mani's and pedi's. Well, actually Fred and I got Pedi's, Fred got a mani and I had tips put on. Alexi enjoyed telling mommy all about the bubbles in the foot spa. Afterwards I got my hair done. Why do I get all the "Special" people doing my hair???

As I said previously, we were going to a Valentine's Day ball at The Cavalier Hosted by The Noblemen. To see who they are and about the ball click the link below. Pictures should be posted on their site soon.

We had a great time. Lots of food, fun and dancing.....and maybe just a bit of wine ;)

Sunday-We had some running around to do. Had Cracker Barrell for lunch. Mmmmm I could go for some right about now. Alexi had diarrhea and I ended up calling the on call nurse. Her last stool had blood in it. Nothing came of it the remainder of the evening.

Monday-Called Pediatrician regarding Alexi's "poop". Spent most of the day with Dr. Tiffany at TCA and then some "scary" (as Alexi says it) nurse at CHKD. The end results? My daughter is fine, but has a huge black and blue bruise on her arm. Monday night I cooked dinner for some friends. We had salad (thanks Regina), london broil, twice baked potatoes, corn, green beans and vanilla and strawberry cake (thanks Liz). Yummmmmy!

Tuesday-Not a whole lot went on. Had a meeting with our insurance broker at the office....FUN??....NOT!!! Was supposed to go to bible study in the evening, but Alexi started with diarrhea again. I don't get it, her blood work came back fine.

Wednesday-Worked, picked Alexi up at daycare and went home. Spent the evening with my family.

Today-Working. I'm currently on my lunch break trying to catch up from not being on the computer lately. Tonight we are going to Mexican with Enzo, Liz and Elena. Mmmmmmmm. (I know I say Mmmm a lot, but its really good stuff!!)

I have been told I need to work on my blog page, so I am going to try. Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 12

All done!!

I just finished cleaning up from making cupcakes with Alexi. It was fun, but I am tired. Try keeping a two year old from touching and licking the icing off of 2 dozen cupcakes....quite testing and a lot of tears. We made it through.

They are heart shaped cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles. OK, OK...they were my attempt at heart shaped cupcakes. I used the silicone molds, but you really have to use your imagination to see the heart :=)

Anyway, I hope everyone at Ms. Niecy's likes them.

Good night, I am going to bed. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long night ;=)

Time for Cupcakes!!

Tomorrow is Alexi's Valentine's Day party. I asked her if she wanted to take cookies or cupcakes. Her response was.....cake mommy? cake? I took that as cupcakes LOL. (She loves some cake....let me tell you!)

Tonight we are going to make heart shaped cupcakes and finish her valentines. I think I get more excited about these kinds of holidays then she does.

When I was a child, it was always the other kids that were able to bring goodies in like cakes and candies. At times I would be disappointed. I don't want Alexi to ever have that feeling. Don't get me wrong...I'm not talking bad about my parents...that's not what this is about. I'm just saying that I want to be more involved with my daughters school functions. It's not just for me, it's for Alexi, too. We make the cupcakes and cookies together and that what's important. The time we spend together...that is what's important.

So tonight...Alexi and I will be making "cake mommy, cake" for her friends at daycare.

Wednesday, February 11

Can't wait for Spring!!

I have got spring fever...bad!

It's supposed to be in the upper 70's today and I am wearing Capri's and a 3 qtr sleeve shirt. I want it too stay this way!!

Let's pack up the winter clothes along with the cold weather and put it away for next winter. I'm ready to move on!!

Tuesday, February 10

I'm taking the plunge!!

I guess if I say it out loud I have no choice but to follow it, right???

What am I talking about?

Losing weight...Ugh!!

I am getting to that point again where I don't watch what I eat and the clothes aren't getting any looser if you know what I mean!!

I figure this, if I say it out loud, I will feel compelled to follow. At least that's what I am hoping.

I started yesterday. I cheated a little, well....I'm setting the rules so technically by my book, I didn't cheat ;)

I had granola for breakfast and salad for lunch. Not too bad. I jumped off the cliff at dinner. I had spaghetti with meat sauce and then a decent size piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Mmmmmmm...I mean, bad bad bad!!

Today I had granola for breakfast and a salad with turkey and cumbers. It was pretty good. I have not planned for dinner b/c I have bible study tonight, but hopefully the chocolate cake won't give me the "come eat me" look when I get home.

If you have any creative ideas for an interesting, but yet easy diet....send them my way!

Monday, February 9

o.k...I'll take the bait!

Apparently I am that interesting. So interesting that there are those that follow what I do on a regular basis and oooooohhh....dare I say?.....Gossip!!

Wow...I thought about it long & hard and debated on what I was going to do with this information. I propose this...since I don't have anything to hide (if I did, what would be the point of a blog, right?)....I will tell you everything about whats going on with me! Be prepared though, I too have opinions!! (And trust me...I use them!!)

So here goes:
1. I am a mother of a beautiful two year old girl. We are working on potty training right now. We have our good days and our bad ones. All in all, she's doing really well.
2. I am a wife to a wonderful husband. He's from Brazil. (I've been 3 times so far. It's beautiful, but I am not a fan of the food...bad experience.)
3. I am considering starting on baby #2. (After a lot of consideration, my husband and I decided we are ready.)
4. I work for a great company and have the best boss!! (I am fortunate to have the job that I do. If I was still at the last company I worked for I would be on the chopping block. Yes that company is...dare I say...closing! The owner has no feelings what-so-ever for her employees. No, wait, her friends. Yes, the woman claimed that the girls in her office were her friends also, but has gone around on numerous occasions saying that she was not going into debt for that company and didn't care who it hurt, including the girls in the office. Now you think this is mean? Well she's been worse to those she called family!! But any who, lets move on) I am very fortunate to work for a company that is thriving so well.
5. I am going to Mexico for a long weekend at the end of the month. Fred and I are going with my boss and friends Adam and Michelle. Again, I have to say that I work for a great company!!
6. I am going to Disney in the middle of March with my Aunt. I am so excited for that trip!! I am going to go on all the rides and visit the castle. Yes....I am going to go and act like a kid again!!! I deserve it!!! YES, I DESERVE IT!! I work really hard and long hours and I deserve a trip for myself. Away from work and from life. Call me what you want...you would do it too if you could.
7. I am cooking dinner right now for two great friends whom are on their way right now. (They just called LOL) Its spaghetti and meat sauce tonight!! They are bringing the bread and salad. Mmmmmmmm
8. We are having chocolate cake for desert. I was in the baking mood yesterday.
9. My goal is to buy a mini-van by this summer. My own mini-van...not one that I have to share with others. (I'm still confused how that works, oh-well)
10. I am planning to go back to Mexico in May with my husbands family for a wedding. We will be staying in Cancun.
11. I have a brother and a sister. I am the middle child.
12. I own my own home. It's not in my ideal location, but we all do what we can when we can do it. I love my home...it's not perfect, but if I could I would pick it up and move it. My goal is to move to a better school district before my daughter reaches the school age.
13. I try to think before I speak. It doesn't always work out...or I get flustered...or I just start rambling, but I at least try to think before I let the words flow out.
14. I have great friends. We all have our ups and downs at times, but we are still all good friends.
15. I've had great relationships with people in life and I have had bad ones. Some relationships I have felt the need to mend and others I have not. My choice only. I choose not to be influenced by others. I am at that stage in my life that if you are on board, then so be it. If not, I'm sorry...regardless I know I'm a good person.
16. 9 times out of 10 you find KLove on my radio station. I am a Christian and prefer to listen to Christian radio stations.
17. I hate working out and eating healthy, but know that I need to.
18. I hate having my picture taken. I hate how I look in them. There is only one picture of myself that I have liked....it was my very first drivers license. Best picture of me ever!!!
19. I like to cook. I'm not a professional....not even close. I try. I have my moments. I baked a chocolate cake the other day and my neighbor joked and called me "mom of the year". I told her that she was not even close...this was my one cake a year! LOL
20. I have a past that I don't like to visit. I avoid it at all cost. Keep in mind...it's my past and it's my choice to do so.

Finally....I am who I am and there is no changing me. I hope this gives you all that you need. If not, feel free to comment. I might address your thoughts, I might not. Again, my choice. Just like it was my choice to write this.

Here's to honesty!!

Friday, February 6


Today I came across an old friend. It's amazing how life.....well...it just happens. It's so neat to run into friends from your past and learn about where life has taken them. She lives in Daytona and has a beautiful new baby. I think the last time I saw her was at our high school graduation 10 years ago.

Yes...10 years ago.

I've come across a lot of old friends from school and it is interesting hearing their stories. I've thought about what it would have been like if I had taken a different route in my life many times. I always come back to the same conclusion...THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE! No matter how good or bad things get, I would not change my life for anything. I don't think you should ever desire to have a different life...instead, try to make changes to your own. Turn your life into something worth desiring! You deserve it!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
It's my assistants birthday today!! We are going to have cake for her today at lunch and my boss is sending her flowers.

Her parents flew in from New York last night and I know she is excited about that. She moved here with her bulldog in August from Syracuse, NY. She doesn't get to see family much, so this is a real treat!!

Fred, myself and Michelle are taking her and her parents to the Melting Pot tomorrow for dinner. I am so excited!! I love it there and don't make it there often...as a matter of fact, I've only been there once :(

Anyway....I want D to have the best birthday ever b/c she deserves it!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, February 5

Valentine's Day

So Fred and I were asked to join some close friends to go to a Valentines Ball on Valentines Day at the Cavelier. I really don't get excited about getting all dressed up, but hey...It's Valentines Day and I am actually looking forward to it.

I had to make a final decision on what to wear. Well......here it is:


I would put the picture up myself....only I am new at this and have yet to figure out how to do that yet.

The last time I wore this dress was for my sister-in-laws wedding in Brazil. I think its time to break it out again! I will post pictures at the time of!!!

And so it begins.....

So I decide to start blogging...

Here is what I can promise you:

I am emotional, passionate and highly opinionated.

I also forget to use spell check :)

(I def. was not an English Major)

I plan to have fun with this and hope that maybe someone can take something away with my experiences.