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Friday, February 6

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
It's my assistants birthday today!! We are going to have cake for her today at lunch and my boss is sending her flowers.

Her parents flew in from New York last night and I know she is excited about that. She moved here with her bulldog in August from Syracuse, NY. She doesn't get to see family much, so this is a real treat!!

Fred, myself and Michelle are taking her and her parents to the Melting Pot tomorrow for dinner. I am so excited!! I love it there and don't make it there often...as a matter of fact, I've only been there once :(

Anyway....I want D to have the best birthday ever b/c she deserves it!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Just be prepared...dinner might be later than we thought! LOL I have two conflicting reservations...ugh! I'll call them around 10am and see what we can do.