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Tuesday, February 10

I'm taking the plunge!!

I guess if I say it out loud I have no choice but to follow it, right???

What am I talking about?

Losing weight...Ugh!!

I am getting to that point again where I don't watch what I eat and the clothes aren't getting any looser if you know what I mean!!

I figure this, if I say it out loud, I will feel compelled to follow. At least that's what I am hoping.

I started yesterday. I cheated a little, well....I'm setting the rules so technically by my book, I didn't cheat ;)

I had granola for breakfast and salad for lunch. Not too bad. I jumped off the cliff at dinner. I had spaghetti with meat sauce and then a decent size piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Mmmmmmm...I mean, bad bad bad!!

Today I had granola for breakfast and a salad with turkey and cumbers. It was pretty good. I have not planned for dinner b/c I have bible study tonight, but hopefully the chocolate cake won't give me the "come eat me" look when I get home.

If you have any creative ideas for an interesting, but yet easy diet....send them my way!


  1. Good Luck!!! You can do it:) We have all had great success with counting our points. If you are interested in hitting the gym we can go together. I love water aerobics. No one can see how uncoordinated I am.

  2. Thank you!! I'm going to need all the support I can get. It's so hard to stick to it...and I haven't been very good at it.