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Thursday, February 19

It's been some time...

Sorry. I know it's been some time since my last blog. I have had a lot going on lately.

Let's see:
Friday-Ummmmmm Went out with Michelle for drinks. Started at kelly's, left with Billy to Just George's and then to South Beach. It was an interesting night...might I ad? Alexi had her Valentines Day party at daycare. Gotta love all the cute Valentines.

Saturday-Valentine's Day-Fred, Alexi and I went for mani's and pedi's. Well, actually Fred and I got Pedi's, Fred got a mani and I had tips put on. Alexi enjoyed telling mommy all about the bubbles in the foot spa. Afterwards I got my hair done. Why do I get all the "Special" people doing my hair???

As I said previously, we were going to a Valentine's Day ball at The Cavalier Hosted by The Noblemen. To see who they are and about the ball click the link below. Pictures should be posted on their site soon.

We had a great time. Lots of food, fun and dancing.....and maybe just a bit of wine ;)

Sunday-We had some running around to do. Had Cracker Barrell for lunch. Mmmmm I could go for some right about now. Alexi had diarrhea and I ended up calling the on call nurse. Her last stool had blood in it. Nothing came of it the remainder of the evening.

Monday-Called Pediatrician regarding Alexi's "poop". Spent most of the day with Dr. Tiffany at TCA and then some "scary" (as Alexi says it) nurse at CHKD. The end results? My daughter is fine, but has a huge black and blue bruise on her arm. Monday night I cooked dinner for some friends. We had salad (thanks Regina), london broil, twice baked potatoes, corn, green beans and vanilla and strawberry cake (thanks Liz). Yummmmmy!

Tuesday-Not a whole lot went on. Had a meeting with our insurance broker at the office....FUN??....NOT!!! Was supposed to go to bible study in the evening, but Alexi started with diarrhea again. I don't get it, her blood work came back fine.

Wednesday-Worked, picked Alexi up at daycare and went home. Spent the evening with my family.

Today-Working. I'm currently on my lunch break trying to catch up from not being on the computer lately. Tonight we are going to Mexican with Enzo, Liz and Elena. Mmmmmmmm. (I know I say Mmmm a lot, but its really good stuff!!)

I have been told I need to work on my blog page, so I am going to try. Stay tuned!

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  1. And I will help you!

    I love the new look so far...it's very YOU!