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Tuesday, February 24

Nakey Baby!!

So tonight I had bible study at my friends house. I don't normally take my daughter, but since my husband is sick, I figured it was best.

If only you could have been there!! My daughter decided she wanted to strip down. Yes, strip down completely naked....socks included. She then began to dance around in the kitchen saying "nakey baby!" We all had a good laugh. :) Instead of getting upset, I had to smile. I just sat there and thought to myself:

Kids will be kids!!

I could have yelled at her or forced her to get dressed, but then I thought about a bit of advice that had been told to me....."pick and choose your fights wisely". I know that if I was to get upset about this, it could result in her getting upset too and disturbing everyone at the bible study. I'm glad I chose not to fight with her on this. (Now had we been in a store or around strangers, I def. would have handled things differently) In the end, she came to me shortly and was ready to get dressed.

Don't you just love it when your children create embarrassing moments for you? :-)

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