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Monday, February 9

o.k...I'll take the bait!

Apparently I am that interesting. So interesting that there are those that follow what I do on a regular basis and oooooohhh....dare I say?.....Gossip!!

Wow...I thought about it long & hard and debated on what I was going to do with this information. I propose this...since I don't have anything to hide (if I did, what would be the point of a blog, right?)....I will tell you everything about whats going on with me! Be prepared though, I too have opinions!! (And trust me...I use them!!)

So here goes:
1. I am a mother of a beautiful two year old girl. We are working on potty training right now. We have our good days and our bad ones. All in all, she's doing really well.
2. I am a wife to a wonderful husband. He's from Brazil. (I've been 3 times so far. It's beautiful, but I am not a fan of the food...bad experience.)
3. I am considering starting on baby #2. (After a lot of consideration, my husband and I decided we are ready.)
4. I work for a great company and have the best boss!! (I am fortunate to have the job that I do. If I was still at the last company I worked for I would be on the chopping block. Yes that company is...dare I say...closing! The owner has no feelings what-so-ever for her employees. No, wait, her friends. Yes, the woman claimed that the girls in her office were her friends also, but has gone around on numerous occasions saying that she was not going into debt for that company and didn't care who it hurt, including the girls in the office. Now you think this is mean? Well she's been worse to those she called family!! But any who, lets move on) I am very fortunate to work for a company that is thriving so well.
5. I am going to Mexico for a long weekend at the end of the month. Fred and I are going with my boss and friends Adam and Michelle. Again, I have to say that I work for a great company!!
6. I am going to Disney in the middle of March with my Aunt. I am so excited for that trip!! I am going to go on all the rides and visit the castle. Yes....I am going to go and act like a kid again!!! I deserve it!!! YES, I DESERVE IT!! I work really hard and long hours and I deserve a trip for myself. Away from work and from life. Call me what you want...you would do it too if you could.
7. I am cooking dinner right now for two great friends whom are on their way right now. (They just called LOL) Its spaghetti and meat sauce tonight!! They are bringing the bread and salad. Mmmmmmmm
8. We are having chocolate cake for desert. I was in the baking mood yesterday.
9. My goal is to buy a mini-van by this summer. My own mini-van...not one that I have to share with others. (I'm still confused how that works, oh-well)
10. I am planning to go back to Mexico in May with my husbands family for a wedding. We will be staying in Cancun.
11. I have a brother and a sister. I am the middle child.
12. I own my own home. It's not in my ideal location, but we all do what we can when we can do it. I love my home...it's not perfect, but if I could I would pick it up and move it. My goal is to move to a better school district before my daughter reaches the school age.
13. I try to think before I speak. It doesn't always work out...or I get flustered...or I just start rambling, but I at least try to think before I let the words flow out.
14. I have great friends. We all have our ups and downs at times, but we are still all good friends.
15. I've had great relationships with people in life and I have had bad ones. Some relationships I have felt the need to mend and others I have not. My choice only. I choose not to be influenced by others. I am at that stage in my life that if you are on board, then so be it. If not, I'm sorry...regardless I know I'm a good person.
16. 9 times out of 10 you find KLove on my radio station. I am a Christian and prefer to listen to Christian radio stations.
17. I hate working out and eating healthy, but know that I need to.
18. I hate having my picture taken. I hate how I look in them. There is only one picture of myself that I have liked....it was my very first drivers license. Best picture of me ever!!!
19. I like to cook. I'm not a professional....not even close. I try. I have my moments. I baked a chocolate cake the other day and my neighbor joked and called me "mom of the year". I told her that she was not even close...this was my one cake a year! LOL
20. I have a past that I don't like to visit. I avoid it at all cost. Keep in mind...it's my past and it's my choice to do so.

Finally....I am who I am and there is no changing me. I hope this gives you all that you need. If not, feel free to comment. I might address your thoughts, I might not. Again, my choice. Just like it was my choice to write this.

Here's to honesty!!

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