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Friday, February 20

Putting Two and Two Together

I wasn't going to blog about any of this stuff, but on my way in to work today I put two and two together.

Three weeks ago on a Sunday morning...ok, late morning (we go to the 11:00 service) we were sitting in church. The topic? Money! Ugh. Yes, once a year my pastor talks about money and tithing. Not what people usually want to discuss, but as usual here was our annual discussion. At the end of the service we were all given forms choosing whether or not to commit to tithing. This is not mandatory...and believe me, my church is quite the opposite from those that try to bleed members for money. My pastor hates talking about it as much as I do. Anyway....I "him & haul" over what to do. This is big...I'm at church and I refuse to commit to something that I won't follow through with. I sat and prayed about it. And then I sat and thought about it. Gosh...that $$$ could add up. Hmmmmm...what to do, what to do???

What did I do??? I committed to tithing. I put down a number that I was comfortable with. Now believe me when I say I had a one on one with God that day. I started tithing and continued about my business ever since.

Well during this same time our mortgage company had been bought out by some no-name company. Well let me tell you....no-name companies can be a blessing at times! This company had decided with the way the economy has been, to help all of their customers across the board, with lowering their mortgages. True...I was not in need of help with my mortgage, (trust me, there were times when I did), but......if you want to lower it anyway?...by all means!!!

Now I asked, what was in it for them of coarse? No one just gives money away...not in these times!! There reason? If they lower the mortgages to what home owners can afford, there is a much lesser chance of foreclosures. Now pop quiz!! What is a mortgage companies worst fear? If you answered foreclosure you are right!!! With help of the banks, our mortgage company was able to do this for home owners...once catch though....it had to be across the board with all of their home owners. Yes, so that includes me!! My mortgage is now $400.00 less a month!!

Now from what I am hearing, not all mortgage companies are on board with this yet. I hope they all get on board real soon! I think this could make a big difference in the foreclosure problem that is going on right now.

So have you put two and two together yet???

God had a plan and he trusted me to follow. I did....and I was rewarded.

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