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Monday, February 23


I never thought I'd be so happy to have my daughter tell me "I pooped mommy, I pooped!"

You see, we spent about 6 hours at the children's hospital last night.

Let's start from the beginning. Last Sunday my daughter had blood in her pull up. I called the on call nurse and she said as long as it does not continue, to just wait it out and call the pediatrician in the morning. I did, and they made us come in. They did the usual check up and figured that it was probably just irritation from having diarrhea the day before. (Sorry, just realized I had left that out) To make sure, they still sent me over the CHKD to have her blood drawn to run some test. When I got the call the next day saying that her blood work came back fine, I too thought her bowel was just irritated from the diarrhea.

Until yesterday!!

My husband and I were getting ready to go to the store. I had Alexi try to go potty, just like any other time. It's been the "potty training" routine. Well this time when I pulled her pull up down, the whole thing was filled with blood. (OK, I'm a worried mom and may exaggerate a little, but it was a lot. A lot more than that last week) I called the on call nurse again and they told me that since this time it was only blood and mucus, no stool, to go to the emergency room. So we did.

After sitting in the waiting room for 5 long hours watching the baby in front of us playing happily, a toddler on the other side of her vomiting in baggies, a boy to our right laying lifelessly in his fathers arms and a female teenager to our left looking like she was just beat up, our name was called.

The first Dr. we saw said he thought it was just the tear on the exterior of her bowel that was causing the bleeding and he thought she was fine. (He really needs to stick to endocrinology!!) I told the Dr. that I did not think that was the problem. I just could not believe that a small tear on the exterior of her bowel caused all that blood. (Now mind you, she bled quite a bit during our 5 hour "experience".) Not to mention, how would she have gotten this tear to begin with?? He had a second Dr. come in an take a look as well. Good thing he did. The second Dr. said she thought it was more than that and ordered a "picture of Lexi's tummy" (x-ray). What did we find?? Well there were 3 blockages, which were causing tearing on the inside of her bowels. Results??? Bleeding.

Yes, essentially my daughter is constipated. But what is causing this? We still don't know. It could be that she's trying to hold it in instead of going in the potty. This is not uncommon with potty training; it comes down to a security issue. It might be that we just need to alter her diet a little. On a more serious note, it could be Crones disease. The Dr. said the following: We need to give her Murilax twice a day for 8 weeks. If she poops with in two days, we won't be as concerned at this time. We will continue with the Murilax and hope that its just a simple fix. If she didn't poop within two days, we'd have to take her to see a GI Dr. If the the problem continues, we will have to look into getting her tested for Crones disease. (Any prayers are welcomed. I just found out Crones disease actually runs in the family.)

Thus, why I was happy to hear my daughter say "I pooped mommy, I pooped!" It's a start to figuring all of this out.

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