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Tuesday, February 24

While on lunch!!

Yes...I am on my lunch !!

I do get a lunch. I also get two 10min breaks as well. Hmmmm. I guess there is a lot of things that I could do at that time, but I choose to go on line. I check my facebook or read up on people magazine, I even write on my blog.

You would think that this is my business and no one elses! YOU WOULD THINK!!

Well...there is someone that feels that it is her business to track not only what I do, but what one of my friends does as well.

This same person, calls me "despicable" because I said yes to an opportunity that would help me and my family. This opportunity kept me from losing my house! This opportunity kept my family fed! This opportunity gave me a chance to breathe! We all do things that we need to do to get by and be happy!

This same person has done what she has needed to do to be happy in life. She has done things that she felt was best for her, that we all know were wrong. I have no problem with that. I have never said anything, nor do I even make a point to think about it.

So...this is what I do think.
  • I have too much to do than worry about what others are doing.
  • I guess she has nothing to do, but worry about what others are doing.

My solution? Don't have one! Unfortunately, I can't wave my magic wand and make mean people go away!!

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