Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Sunday, March 29

Weekend Cap...

I figured I'd log on and do a quick blog about my weekend....and yes, I am aware that the weekend is not completely over yet. I just finished cleaning up from dinner and thought that the rest of the evening is going to get pretty busy.

Friday night as you all know, I had a party at my house. ;-) I and thousands of other bloggers had private parties inside the comfort of their own homes. Let me tell you, this party ranked pretty high on the party scale. I did not have to entertain anyone in my home, did not have to worry about a menu and there was no clean-up. It was a quiet night at the Delima residence on the computer.

Saturday night I had some of my closet friends and brother-in-law over for dinner. It was Italian night. My friend Chris came over and made Olive Gardens' Zuppa Tuscana soup. MMMM MMMM GOOD! It was better than the restaurants. I made two types of pasta and sauces. Ok. I attempted to make two types of sauces. The red meat sauce came out great. I did that in the crock-pot....no brainer. Then I moved onto the Alfredo sauce.....thank goodness for Chris being there! I followed the recipe from scratch (so I thought) and couldn't figure out why the sauce was not thickening up. I used all the unhealthy fats that it called for, kept whisking away and still nothing! Well after about an hour (thank God I started them way early) Chris asked me if I used grated cheese? Well of course I did....here is the container....wait a minute...no I didn't. That's right, you can't use shredded cheese in place of grated cheese. Well let me tell you, as soon as I put grated cheese in, that sauce was perfect. It was just like being at Olive Garden, we had soup, salad, bread, pasta and desert....Enzo said "where there's food, there's family". I couldn't have said it better myself! It was a great night of food and family!

Today we got up and went to church. It was a great service until I got into one of those coughing fits and had to walk out to look for a water fountain. If I didn't, I think the camera guy next to me would have started filming me until I did. He's always so funny. We sit in the same spot every week and hold small talk with the camera guy. Hmmmm?? Come to think of it, I'm going to have to ask him his name next week. All this time we've talked, I never got his name. Anyway....once my fit was gone I went back in. If your ever interested, our services are shown live at http://www.famchurch.net/. For dinner we had London broil that I marinated this morning, red potatoes and veggies. We finished it off with ice cream sundaes. Yummy! Now it's off to laundry and then off to bed.

Tomorrow's another day.

Friday, March 27

Ultimate Block Party Time!!!

I have been sitting here drinking a glass of Pinot Noir and enjoying the party!! It has been a lot of fun. My name is Catrina Delima (pronounced Deleeema.) The reason I named my blog the Delima Dilemma is because I always have a dilemma going on. This blog is a way to help me sort through some of them. If you scroll down a little on my page, you will see my official UBP post. I am meeting new fellow bloggers and learning new tips on setting up my page. I have become inspired by others to maybe make some changes to my page. I hope you all stay tuned.

Thursday, March 26

Ultimate Blog Party 09'

So 5 mins for Moms is throwing an Ultimate Blog Party. This a great way to get to know other bloggers! All you have to do is post a blog and UBP Blog Button on your page, add yourself to the UBP guest list and visit/comment on other guests at the block party. Just by doing this you get a chance to meet new friends and win free prizes. It's a win win situation!!! Personally, I would love to get #9 The Child's Crayon Apron or #76 Lollipop Products. I think these are such a great ideas and would be perfect for my daughter.

So who am I? My name is Catrina. I am a wife and mother. Along with working full-time, I have a two year old daughter that keeps me busy. I blog when I get some me-time. It's a way for me to get to know others that have similar interests. I have not been blogging for very long and have not learned all the ropes. As a matter of fact, I just learned how to put a button (5MFM) up for the first time, so any insight on that is appreciated. I blog about any and all things. Feel free to check out my posts.

I am looking forward to sitting back, having a glass of wine and getting to know some new friends!!

Let the partying begin!!

Am I Pregnant???

So yesterday my boss asked me if I was pregnant. My boss, being a 55yr old MAN…asked me if I was pregnant. And not the “pull you into his office quietly” way either. I got the “yell from one office to the other” way! WOW…how do you respond to something like that?

I mean, there’s the obvious…
· Say nothing, but how would he react to that?
· Say we’ll discuss things later…privately.
· March straight into his office and tell him what he had just done and was inappropriate, avoiding the answer.
· Say we’re trying.
· Throw him off guard and ask him if he’s pregnant? LOL
· Say I’ll let you know.
· Remind him that on April 28th, 2008 at 8:13am he said that Fred and I should try for another baby.

So what was my response from my office to his, allowing everyone else in the hallway to hear? “No…..Not yet!”

I am not pregnant right now. My husband and I have decided that it was time to start on #2 and I know that I hope to be pregnant soon. I also know that I did just turn in quite a few requests off forms for some Doctor’s appointments, which I did not specify what kind of Doctor I was seeing. I know that at this time something like that should be my business unless I am ready to share it and I KNOW THAT HE SHOULD KNOW THAT WE ARE CLOSE ENOUGH THAT I WOULD TELL HIM WHEN I WAS PREGNANT! I am fortunate to have a good relationship with my boss.

So I ask my readers…What would you say if your boss asked you if you were pregnant…the same way he asked me?? (And yes, I realize you may not have the relationship with your boss that I have with mine. Answer honestly!)

Monday, March 23

What I learned at the parenting class

Previously I blogged about going to a parenting class called:

101 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child: A Guide to Positive Discipline

The class was very insightful. Here are Katharine Kersey's top 10 principles to remember when disciplining your child.

  1. Demonstrate Respect Principle- Treat the child the same way you do other important people in your life-the way you want to them to treat you-and others. (How would I want them to say that to me?)
  2. Modeling Principle- Model the behavior you want. Show the child, by example, how to behave. Children are watching us-all the time-and they will grow up to be like us-whether we want them to or not.
  3. Make a Big Deal Principle- Make a big deal over responsible, considerate, appropriate behavior - with attention (your eyeballs), thanks, praise,thumbs-up, recognition, hugs, special privileges, incentives (Not food).
  4. Incompatible Alternative Principle- Give the child something to do that is incompatible with the inappropriate behavior. "Help me pick out 6 oranges" (instead of running around the grocery store) If your husband is annoying you by playing his Gameboy, instead of berating him, simply ask him to help you by drying the dishes. ***I like how she connects husbands and children behavior. LOL***
  5. Choice Principle- Give the child two choices, both of which are positive and acceptable to you. "Would you rather tiptoe or hop upstairs to bed?" ("You choose or I'll choose.") "We need to clear off our desks. Do you need one minute or two?" (Then set the timer.) This can be used with spouses. "The garage needs to be cleaned out. Would you rather do it tonight or Saturday?" **Again, Genius!!!**
  6. When/Then- Abuse it/Lose it Principle- "When you have finished your homework, then you may watch TV." (No homework=no TV)
  7. Connect Before You Correct Principle- Be sure to "Connect" with a child-get to know him and show him that you care about him-before you begin to try to correct his behavior. This works well with parents too. Share positive thoughts with them about their child before you attack the problems!
  8. Validate Principle- Acknowledge (Validate) his wants and feelings. "I know you feel angry with your teacher and want to stay home from school. I don't blame you. The bus will be here in 45 minutes."
  9. Good Head On Your Shoulders Principle- Tell your child-frequently-especially as s/he reaches the teen years- "You have a good head on your shoulders. You decided. I trust your judgement." This brings out the best in the child and shows him/her that eventually he will be in charge of his own life and responsible for his/her own decisions.
  10. Belonging and Significance Principle- Remember that everyone needs to feel that s/he belongs and is significant. Help your child to feel important by giving him important jobs to do and reminding him that if he doesn't do them, they don't get done! Help him/her feel important by being responsible.

Fred and I have been trying to follow these principles. I will say this, it does take some time getting used to. I grew up in a household that followed the "Do as I say, not as I do!" principle and I kinda have been following that. I am realizing that that may not be the best approach. (My siblings and I are living proof).

So to all my parent readers who are having trouble with disciplining their children, try some of these.

Friday, March 20

It’s my bosses fault!!

So my boss travels to Cancun, Mexico on the regular. He has a permanent room at the Hilton that is his and his alone. Well he has offered it up to Fred and I for the last couple of years. That’s just the type of man he is. He’s very generous and has a big heart. Fred and I traveled with him last month for the first time and really enjoyed it. Well, we were invited to a wedding in Mexico. A very good friend on Fred’s side of the family is getting married in Playa Del Carmen which is approx. 45 min from Cancun. We debated back and forth on whether we were going to go. We had just been, I just got back from Florida and we are planning a trip in August with my side of the family (whom we normally vacation with every year). We just were not sure if we could swing it.

Well its official!! Flights are booked! We are going to go. I am so excited! This is going to be a vacation with Fred’s side of the family. It will be Fred, myself and Alexi, Fred’s sisters and their families and Fred’s parents. I am so excited! This will give Alexi play time with her cousins that she just adores. She loves calling cousin Bella on the phone. Fred and I agree....."You can’t take it with you….so use it now wisely”. What better way to spend a vacation then with family!

We are still going to go in August with my side of the family. They are excited to try something new. We have done Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, an Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean and Disney together, but never Mexico. I’m excited. This time my parents and sister are going to go as well. It will be a blast because Alexi will get to experience a vacation with my side of the family and with her cousin.

So thank you Billy!!
It’s your fault that I DREAM about trips to Mexico! :-)

---Time to start saving those pennies!!----

Thursday, March 19


Isn't she great! You all need to be showing my friend Michelle some love!!


101 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child

So back in February my good friend Elizabeth emailed me and asked if I wanted to go to a parenting workshop that was being taught by one of her former professors. I thought....Why Not! Any advise is greatly appreciated. We not only learn through our own experiences, but everyone elses as well. I figured it would be fun.....it's called:

101 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child: A Guide to Positive Discipline

ODU’s professor of early childhood education, Dr. Katharine Kersey, will discuss the 101 positive discipline practices that parents, caregivers and teachers can use to build and maintain respectful, loving and caring relationships with children.

Dr. Katharine Kersey is one of Hampton Roads’ foremost experts on early childhood development and education. She has authored three books and appeared on numerous local and national television programs including Oprah!

I figured I'm willing to take all that I can get at this point. My daughter is definitely going through what they call the "Terrible Two's" right now. Any advice on disciplining her while letting her know that I still love her is welcomed!! She has become such a challenge lately. She is quick to tell you "Stop it" while waiving her hand at you to back off. That right there is enough to make my blood boil. I want to just say "who do you think you are?" to her, but I know that she does not truly understand. I know that this is just a step in her testing her independence. Now I won't lie, I wish we could have leaped over this step, but again, I understand. I'm hoping I learn more ways to handle steps like these ones for the future.

Wednesday, March 18

March and On

It's that time again. Time to make some life altering changes. Everyone goes through changes in life, some unnecessary and some necessary. It's not easy, but it is comforting to have good friends, family and God on your side.

So this is my new resolution. Kinda like a "New Year's" Resolution, but I will call it my "March and On" Resolution.

I Catrina Lyn De Lima:
-Promise to keep my word. To my friends, family and work.
-Promise to support the decisions that are made around me that I can not control. Even if I don't necessarily agree with them.
-Promise to grow stronger with my Faith. Believe in God and take comfort in knowing that he will always provide for me and my family.
-Promise to put others first and myself last.
-Promise to make peace with those that have hurt me in the past.
-Promise to live life to the fullest and be thankful for everything that God has provided me.
-Promise to stay positive.
-Promise to be a good wife and a good mother.
-Promise to love myself.

These are my "March and On" promises. What are yours?

Tuesday, March 17

“Big Girl” Bed Time

Its official, Alexi is now sleeping in her “Big Girl Bed”. We had not converted her crib to the bed sooner b/c she expressed no interest in climbing out of it. What can I say…my daughter is serious about two things….food and sleep!

Well since she has been doing so well with potty training (minus some slip ups with my mom here and her being out of routine) we decided it’s time. Last night we went ahead and put together her “Big Girl Bed” and she loves it! She had to make sure all of her stuffed animals and blankets were in it just like her crib. We kept her routine the same: we went in her room, said her prayers, turned on her music, tucked her into bed and closed the door. We did not hear a peep from her until this morning.

It’s so hard to believe that my baby is turning into a big girl. I love you Alexi!!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

Wishing everyone a great and green St. Patty’s Day!!

Monday, March 16

Mexico Pics

Here are some photos I owe you from my Mexico trip. I hope you all enjoy!!!

Adam, Fred and Michelle on the plane. Yes, it's like 10:00 am and I see some bloody Mary's!! Wait!! Where's mine????

Here it is!!!!

Mine and Fred's room.

Fred standing on our private balcony. Just look at that view!!!

The Living room and Dining room.

Got Food?? We do.........

Got Geico?? Adam did.....in his beer!! Ewwww!

Got view???? We did!! This is looking down from our balcony.

Food for our private party Friday night in our room.

Food for our private party Saturday night in our room.

The Gang!!! Michelle, Adam, Billy and Fred at the Lobby Bar.

Not just our wait staff, but our friends.

Michelle.......my co-worker, my friend and fellow blogger of Stuttering Shell!!

Thursday, March 12

Mickey Mouse Here I come!!

That's right, today I leave for Disney. A lot has happened from the time I booked this trip to now and all I can say is "I'm Ready"! My body is not, but mentally I am. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday thinking that I would walk out feeling great and new.....yeah....um....wishful thinking on my part. My back still hurts. But I am not going to let that ruin my trip. I am gonna go and feel like a kid again. I need to feel like a kid again. Sooooooooooo.......Mickey Mouse, Here I Come!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10


So after getting no sleep last night, I actually did it! That's right.....I called my mommy. Yes...I asked her to go out of her way and drive to Virginia from Pennsylvania today.

Now before you go getting bent out of shape because I asked for help, keep reading. First of all, my mom is not working right now. Second of all, I have had a week from H..E...DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!

Let's see:
  • Last Sunday through Tuesday I got stuck in Atlanta, Georgia because ole' Mother Nature decided to start breaking some records.
  • As I am coming home, I get a call that I am subpoenaed to appear in court at 12:15. Yes, the same day that I had arrived, which was at 10:40am!! I rush to the mall to get something to wear because I soooo do not have time to go home and get changed....to later find out I was not needed. (Somehow I don't think the judge would appreciate 3 day old jeans and a sweat jacket in the court room) Oh and before you go and start judging me again, I didn't do anything wrong. I am just a witness to an unfortunate situation. Last I heard, there's nothing wrong with being a good Samaritan.
  • Wednesday Alexi wakes up with a fever and had to come to work with me. Yes, nothing got done that day.
  • Wednesday afternoon I find out about the passing of someone close.
  • Friday at 3:00am I left my house to drive to Pennsylvania to attend the services.
  • Friday night I start getting a sore throat.
  • Saturday I barely make it through the private services without becoming a complete and utter mess!
  • Saturday at 3:00pm I leave Pennsylvania to return to Virginia, getting home at 9:00pm.
  • This Sunday I could not wake up. Felt so sick and my body ached everywhere. I slept til 12:00. Got up, went food shopping and then cleaned up some of my house.
  • Monday Alexi wakes up saying her ears hurt. I call the Dr. and make her an appointment at 1:30. Yup.....Double ear infection along with high fevers. Fred stays home with her.
  • Monday night we spend the night taking care of Alexi.
  • Today I brought Alexi to work with me....and again, as great as it to be able to bring her with me, I don't get a whole lot done.
  • Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment because I have failed to mention that my back has been killing me since last Monday. Some days I barely have been able to get out of bed, its been so crippling.
  • Thursday I fly to Florida for a short weekend.

So.....I think I am entitled to call my mom and ask for a little help. And guess what, that's exactly what I did. The last time I asked for help was over 2 yrs ago.

Thanks Mom!!!

2 yr old + double ear infection + hacking cough=?

What does a 2 yr old + double ear infection + hacking cough= ??
  • A child that has cold arms & legs, a trunk that feels like its on fire, yet no fever.
  • A child that does not want to take a luke warm bath to cool that trunk that feels like its on fire, yet confused if it wants to be feverish.
  • A child that is medicated with Amoxicillin and Tylenol.
  • A child that is covered in little noses vapor rub to hopefully sooth her congestion.
  • A daddy that is passed out on the couch with his sick baby girl in his arms.
  • A mommy that has her own hacking cough and is too worried about her family to sleep, so she blogs at 12:38am to help the time go bye.

So again I ask, what does a 2 yr old + a double ear infection+ hacking cough =? LOVE

Monday, March 9

Elmo, Princess or My Little Pony??

We have been potty training Alexi since Christmas and to my surprise.....she has been doing extremely well. (Mind you, my daughter just turned 2 December 28th.) She is really good about telling us when she has to "peepee's" or "poopoo's". This past weekend she has been "a big girl" and wanting to wipe herself. She also has been waking up to go potty, then going right back to bed.

Fred and I decided....maybe...just maybe....she is ready for underwear. So yesterday we went and bought Alexi big girl underwear. We have Elmo, Princess and My Little Pony. We started right away and have not turned back. Now I'm not getting ahead of myself just yet, we are still putting pull-ups on her when she's sleeping.....but she has been wearing big girl underwear for 2 days and have not had any accidents.

It's fun for her because now she gets to pick out what underwear she's going to wear the next day. Today it was Abby Cadabby.......tomorrow it's Elmo under a rainbow.

YAY!!!! I think we're off to a great start!!

Sunday, March 8

RIP Lauren

May 7, 1992 - March 3, 2009

It saddens me to say that this week we lossed a beautiful person. Unfortunately, I did not get to know Lauren the beautiful 16 yr old "young lady" that she had become. I didn't know that she loved to write and wanted to be a Journalist. I did not know that she was an artist and loved to draw. Lauren loved music and one of her favorite groups was Nickelback. I was not blessed with the opportunity to know this Lauren.

The Lauren I remember was a beautiful "little girl". I babysat Lauren from when she was two weeks old til the time she started Kindergarten and my parents were her God Parents. The Lauren I remember would rock herself to sleep on her stomach. The Lauren I remember loved to play hide & seek and would ask me for juice every 10 minutes. The Lauren I remember liked to play dress up and sit at her little beauty vanity in her room. The Lauren I remember couldn't wait to show me her new fish tank with "fishies" in her room. The Lauren I knew wanted to be the first to open a present every Christmas eve. Lauren's eyes opened wide when music was played and loved to sing & dance when her daddy was playing the drums. This is the Lauren I remember....and this is the Lauren that will forever be in my heart!

When I come to the end of the Road and the sun has set for me, I want no rites in a gloom-filled room. Why cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little-but not too long. And not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that we once shared. Miss me-but let me go. For this is a journey we all must take, and each must go alone. It's all a part of the Master's Plan, a step on the road to home. When you are lonely and sick of heart, Go to the friends we know and bury your sorrows in doing good deeds. Miss me-but let me go.

RIP Lauren...I love you!!

Wednesday, March 4

I'm Back!!!

It's true...I am finally back from Mexico. What was supposed to be a short trip.... ended up being a lot longer than I had expected, and not for the better. But I will talk about my trip and put up pictures later.

Although I had a wonderful time in Mexico, my heart just isn't in the mood to feel excitement right now. I received some terrible news today and I am still trying to process it. You see, when I was 13, I began watching a 2 week old baby girl named Lauren. Her parents were close friends with my parents, and when Lauren was born, my parents were asked to be her God parents. I continued to babysit Lauren through the years and when she was 2 1/2, she had a new baby sister that I began to watch as well. When I turned 17, I stopped babysitting them and started working at Caesar's Palace. When I stopped babysitting, my sister took over. Lauren later had a baby brother and my sister went on watching all three of them. I realize you may be asking what this has to do with anything, but I am getting to that. You see, our families were very close. So close that this past summer, Lauren was old enough to do her own babysitting. She babysat my nephew all of last summer. Do you see now? We kind of went full circle. Is was pretty neat. We were all together in June for my nephews birthday and we were laughing about how far we had all come.

This morning I found out that Lauren had passed away yesterday. For the respect of her family, I am not going to discuss the details of her tragic death. She was only 16 and had a beautiful and bright future ahead of her. She should have never been taken from us so soon. Lauren was truly loved by her friends and family.

My heart goes out to her family. My thoughts and prayers are with you R & S. I love you guys!!

Lauren, may you rest in peace!!