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Thursday, March 19

101 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child

So back in February my good friend Elizabeth emailed me and asked if I wanted to go to a parenting workshop that was being taught by one of her former professors. I thought....Why Not! Any advise is greatly appreciated. We not only learn through our own experiences, but everyone elses as well. I figured it would be fun.....it's called:

101 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Child: A Guide to Positive Discipline

ODU’s professor of early childhood education, Dr. Katharine Kersey, will discuss the 101 positive discipline practices that parents, caregivers and teachers can use to build and maintain respectful, loving and caring relationships with children.

Dr. Katharine Kersey is one of Hampton Roads’ foremost experts on early childhood development and education. She has authored three books and appeared on numerous local and national television programs including Oprah!

I figured I'm willing to take all that I can get at this point. My daughter is definitely going through what they call the "Terrible Two's" right now. Any advice on disciplining her while letting her know that I still love her is welcomed!! She has become such a challenge lately. She is quick to tell you "Stop it" while waiving her hand at you to back off. That right there is enough to make my blood boil. I want to just say "who do you think you are?" to her, but I know that she does not truly understand. I know that this is just a step in her testing her independence. Now I won't lie, I wish we could have leaped over this step, but again, I understand. I'm hoping I learn more ways to handle steps like these ones for the future.

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