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Tuesday, March 17

“Big Girl” Bed Time

Its official, Alexi is now sleeping in her “Big Girl Bed”. We had not converted her crib to the bed sooner b/c she expressed no interest in climbing out of it. What can I say…my daughter is serious about two things….food and sleep!

Well since she has been doing so well with potty training (minus some slip ups with my mom here and her being out of routine) we decided it’s time. Last night we went ahead and put together her “Big Girl Bed” and she loves it! She had to make sure all of her stuffed animals and blankets were in it just like her crib. We kept her routine the same: we went in her room, said her prayers, turned on her music, tucked her into bed and closed the door. We did not hear a peep from her until this morning.

It’s so hard to believe that my baby is turning into a big girl. I love you Alexi!!!

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