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Monday, March 9

Elmo, Princess or My Little Pony??

We have been potty training Alexi since Christmas and to my surprise.....she has been doing extremely well. (Mind you, my daughter just turned 2 December 28th.) She is really good about telling us when she has to "peepee's" or "poopoo's". This past weekend she has been "a big girl" and wanting to wipe herself. She also has been waking up to go potty, then going right back to bed.

Fred and I decided....maybe...just maybe....she is ready for underwear. So yesterday we went and bought Alexi big girl underwear. We have Elmo, Princess and My Little Pony. We started right away and have not turned back. Now I'm not getting ahead of myself just yet, we are still putting pull-ups on her when she's sleeping.....but she has been wearing big girl underwear for 2 days and have not had any accidents.

It's fun for her because now she gets to pick out what underwear she's going to wear the next day. Today it was Abby Cadabby.......tomorrow it's Elmo under a rainbow.

YAY!!!! I think we're off to a great start!!

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