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Friday, March 20

It’s my bosses fault!!

So my boss travels to Cancun, Mexico on the regular. He has a permanent room at the Hilton that is his and his alone. Well he has offered it up to Fred and I for the last couple of years. That’s just the type of man he is. He’s very generous and has a big heart. Fred and I traveled with him last month for the first time and really enjoyed it. Well, we were invited to a wedding in Mexico. A very good friend on Fred’s side of the family is getting married in Playa Del Carmen which is approx. 45 min from Cancun. We debated back and forth on whether we were going to go. We had just been, I just got back from Florida and we are planning a trip in August with my side of the family (whom we normally vacation with every year). We just were not sure if we could swing it.

Well its official!! Flights are booked! We are going to go. I am so excited! This is going to be a vacation with Fred’s side of the family. It will be Fred, myself and Alexi, Fred’s sisters and their families and Fred’s parents. I am so excited! This will give Alexi play time with her cousins that she just adores. She loves calling cousin Bella on the phone. Fred and I agree....."You can’t take it with you….so use it now wisely”. What better way to spend a vacation then with family!

We are still going to go in August with my side of the family. They are excited to try something new. We have done Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, an Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean and Disney together, but never Mexico. I’m excited. This time my parents and sister are going to go as well. It will be a blast because Alexi will get to experience a vacation with my side of the family and with her cousin.

So thank you Billy!!
It’s your fault that I DREAM about trips to Mexico! :-)

---Time to start saving those pennies!!----

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