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Monday, March 16

Mexico Pics

Here are some photos I owe you from my Mexico trip. I hope you all enjoy!!!

Adam, Fred and Michelle on the plane. Yes, it's like 10:00 am and I see some bloody Mary's!! Wait!! Where's mine????

Here it is!!!!

Mine and Fred's room.

Fred standing on our private balcony. Just look at that view!!!

The Living room and Dining room.

Got Food?? We do.........

Got Geico?? Adam did.....in his beer!! Ewwww!

Got view???? We did!! This is looking down from our balcony.

Food for our private party Friday night in our room.

Food for our private party Saturday night in our room.

The Gang!!! Michelle, Adam, Billy and Fred at the Lobby Bar.

Not just our wait staff, but our friends.

Michelle.......my co-worker, my friend and fellow blogger of Stuttering Shell!!

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  1. I'm totally digging my "prom" picture at the end! You know I'm stealing a few!! Gotta add them to my Facebook and, of course, link the pics to my bloggie-blog!!

    I love it!