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Tuesday, March 10


So after getting no sleep last night, I actually did it! That's right.....I called my mommy. Yes...I asked her to go out of her way and drive to Virginia from Pennsylvania today.

Now before you go getting bent out of shape because I asked for help, keep reading. First of all, my mom is not working right now. Second of all, I have had a week from H..E...DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!

Let's see:
  • Last Sunday through Tuesday I got stuck in Atlanta, Georgia because ole' Mother Nature decided to start breaking some records.
  • As I am coming home, I get a call that I am subpoenaed to appear in court at 12:15. Yes, the same day that I had arrived, which was at 10:40am!! I rush to the mall to get something to wear because I soooo do not have time to go home and get changed....to later find out I was not needed. (Somehow I don't think the judge would appreciate 3 day old jeans and a sweat jacket in the court room) Oh and before you go and start judging me again, I didn't do anything wrong. I am just a witness to an unfortunate situation. Last I heard, there's nothing wrong with being a good Samaritan.
  • Wednesday Alexi wakes up with a fever and had to come to work with me. Yes, nothing got done that day.
  • Wednesday afternoon I find out about the passing of someone close.
  • Friday at 3:00am I left my house to drive to Pennsylvania to attend the services.
  • Friday night I start getting a sore throat.
  • Saturday I barely make it through the private services without becoming a complete and utter mess!
  • Saturday at 3:00pm I leave Pennsylvania to return to Virginia, getting home at 9:00pm.
  • This Sunday I could not wake up. Felt so sick and my body ached everywhere. I slept til 12:00. Got up, went food shopping and then cleaned up some of my house.
  • Monday Alexi wakes up saying her ears hurt. I call the Dr. and make her an appointment at 1:30. Yup.....Double ear infection along with high fevers. Fred stays home with her.
  • Monday night we spend the night taking care of Alexi.
  • Today I brought Alexi to work with me....and again, as great as it to be able to bring her with me, I don't get a whole lot done.
  • Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment because I have failed to mention that my back has been killing me since last Monday. Some days I barely have been able to get out of bed, its been so crippling.
  • Thursday I fly to Florida for a short weekend.

So.....I think I am entitled to call my mom and ask for a little help. And guess what, that's exactly what I did. The last time I asked for help was over 2 yrs ago.

Thanks Mom!!!

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  1. You know that you can always count on me if you need anything! But, I'm glad that your mom is able to come down and do this for you. As much as you feel that it might be a bit strange to ask for help, it's not. It's what families do for each other and any other mom who had a week like you would do the same...I know I would!

    I hope the chiropractor gets the kinks worked out. Chug the OJ and I'm now a firm believer in flushing out the sinuses (so get some saline stuff to do that!) and enjoy your time in Florida. Bring some Florida sunshine back with you! :-)