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Sunday, April 26

Another week gone by

So another week has gone by and I barely have blogged. OK, so I have not blogged at all. Ugh!! I just don't know what my problem is. Is it that I have so much going on that I can't find the time to blog or is it that I just don't think I have anything to blog about? I guess its a little bit of both...wait, or is it neither? I don't know. Whatever it is, it's kept me from yet again, blogging.

I have had a lot going on this past week. I had a pretty heavy work load at the office, pulling quite a bit of hours. Thank god that's all over....for now at least. Who knows what this week will bring. Thursday was Fred's birthday. Alexi and I bought him his very own fishing pole. YAY!! He loved it! He did a lot of fishing last summer and plans to do it again this summer. As a matter of fact, he's going this Saturday...weather pending. I surprised him by coming home early and spending the afternoon together. We decided to take a nice drive to NC before picking Alexi up from daycare. It was a beautiful day. Friday night we had a small get together with some of our closest friends. It was a great turnout and we all had fun. Yesterday and today we spent our time outside landscaping the backyard. WHEW it was tough, considering it was in the 90's both days. Eeeew. I knew we would be sweaty from all the work, but sweaty, sticky and clammy is just gross. It's not all done yet, but when we finish I will post up pics. We stopped mid-day to shower and run some errands. In the midst of our errands, what did we decide to do? Fishies anyone?? Yes, Alexi got her very own Tropical Tetra fishies and fish tank for her room. She was so excited.

This week we are going to work on the yard a little bit each night, hoping to finish it sooner than later. It's going to be interesting when we try to tear down the shed, put a new one in and put in the new pool. Wish us luck....I think we're going to need it!

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