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Monday, April 27

Attention all Facebook users!!

To all of those that use Facebook, beware of hackers. My friend Regina had someone hack into her Facebook account and try to solicit money from her friends. The story this person told Regina's friends was that she(Regina) was in London and had just been robbed at gun point and needed help. They were asking her friends to send them money ASAP. Thank God that none of them fell for it. The person got very rude with Regina's friends when they began asking questions. Regina had to delete all of her friends and then close her account.

This is crazy! The weird thing is, once Regina found out what was going on, she logged on and caught the person in the act. Yes, you heard it. Somehow, two people can be logged onto the same Facebook account at the same time. Regina told the person she had caught them and warned them, but whomever it was had the audacity to continue, leaving Regina no choice bet to delete her account.

I would not have believed it if I didn't see it myself. So I warn everyone, beware of those who are hacking into Facebook and trying to solicit money.

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