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Monday, April 27

That's what I get for being nice!!

So today while picking up my lunch I was approached by a woman in the parking lot. I wouldn't say she was dressed like someone I would consider upper class, but she wasn't dressed in rags neither. Her jeans were fairly nice, a clean white v-neck shirt, clean white sneakers (sketchers I might guess) and some gold jewelry. Her hair was pulled back and she had light make-up on. She walked up to me and said "Miss, may I ask you a questions?" I said "sure". She said "I have been traveling and I left my wallet at the last gas station I was at. Would you have some money that I could have to fill up my tank? I still need to make it to North Carolina and I am on E." I try not to judge people and I am trying to be better about helping others. I told her "I don't have any cash on me except my co-workers change from lunch and I had just spent my money on a purchase that I made at Vicki Secrets"(they are having a sale that ends today, any 7 pair of underwear for $24.50) She said"It must be nice to shop at Victoria Secrets". I thought a minute and said "O.k. I need some gas too, how about I follow you to a gas station and I will put some gas in your car". Now trust me, I am not a gullible person that would just put myself in a sticky and unsafe situation. I wanted to hear what her response would be and then I would make a final decision on what I would do. Her response??

"F*** You!!" And then she walked away. Hmmmm, how nice. As I sit hear eating my lunch I wonder, how many people have fallen for her scheme. I also wonder, with that kind of response, what did she need the money for? Oh well....I guess I will never know.

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