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Wednesday, April 15


Tried to blog tonight but I think I have a writers block. I have had so much going on lately and my mind is in so many places that I just can't focus on one specific subject. I promise to work on this in the next couple of days. I had my IUD removed last week. This is pretty exciting because Fred and I are going to start working on #2 soon. YAY!! I will keep you all updated with that.

We had a very nice Easter this year at home. I took Alexi to an Easter eggstravaganza at our local park on Saturday. She had a blast looking for the eggs. That night we colored eggs...Alexi loved it! On Sunday we got up and went to Church. She looked so beautiful in her Easter dress. We did not let Alexi have her basket until after Church, so when we got home, the look of excitement on her face was priceless. Pictures will be up soon.

Aunt Robin and Bob are coming in on Friday which I am excited about. They are bringing us their old pool. Yes....this will be pool take two!! I will let you all know how that goes, too. Fred and I have been doing some landscaping in our backyard, so we are going to try the pool thing again.(This is a better pool so wish us luck) Fred and Bob will be golfing on Saturday, so I am trying to come up with something fun for us girls to do. Maybe we will go to Kangaroo Jacks or the Jumping Monkey....who knows. If it's nice I think it would be fun to go walk the beach.

I can't wait until Mother's Day weekend! We are going to be meeting my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Johny and my sister and her family in Ocean City, Maryland for the weekend. It's Spring fest that weekend, so it should be a lot of fun.

I hope all had a Happy and Safe Easter!!

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