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Thursday, May 14

Gain :(

That's right. I gained 2 pounds. That's what I get for not counting my points and eating lots of ice cream in Ocean City, MD.

What's my solution? The Gym. Fred and I decided we were going to join the YMCA again. We neeeeeed to. For those that know me personally, you know that my husband is far from overweight, yet he still has genetic adult Diabetes. We was diagnosed last year and we thought we had it under control. Thought was the word. Well we were wrong! Fred went for this years physical and to have his blood work re-worked. Yeah, um.... he came home with 6 new prescriptions. Just in case you thought you read that wrong I will spell it out for you, he came home with SIX new prescriptions. He also came home with a machine that he has to use to check his sugar and an appointment to meet with a nutritionist. Yes, we have no choice but to take better care of ourselves. Not just for ourselves, but for our daughter and future children.

So here's to a new start. A healthier Start.

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