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Tuesday, May 19

Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday and although I really am not one to announce it or make a big deal about it, I figured I'd blog about it because it really was a great birthday.....even if I didn't spend it in Mexico.
The festivities started yesterday at work. My friends surprised me with a cake and the o-so-embarrassing Happy Birthday song. My friend Michelle surprised me with the best presents.

And yes, the wine glass says "Will trade husband for wine"

Now it is true I was supposed to be in Mexico today, but I am really glad I'm not. I can go to Mexico anytime, right? Well...not anytime, but I'm ok with postponing it for a later time.

Today Fred and I got up, took Alexi to daycare and then headed over to the nutritionist. (The reason for the nutritionist is discussed in a previous blog) The day was going well...we went to breakfast, headed off to Sam's Club to pick up some coolers for camping and then headed home to make some new flower beds in the backyard. Now I know, who gets excited about doing yard work on their birthday? Well, I did this year. It was actually very therapeutic and I enjoyed it very much. After working on the yard, Fred took me to Freemason Abbey for dinner. Mmmmmmmmm. Let me tell you, I've been dreaming about eating here again for the last 2 years and now I will be dreaming about eating there for probably the next two years. It's one of those places you save up for and eat at during a special occasion without the children.
Anyway, we ended the evening having ice cream cake at home with Alexi and once we put Alexi to bed I got to soak in a quiet bath without any interruptions. Yup, I have to say I had a great birthday!!

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