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Tuesday, May 12

I forgot....

As I slowly try to get out of this funk that I am in; I am beginning to think about all the fun and exciting things that I have coming up.
  • I will be spending Saturday down at the ocean front for this years wine festival. I have been waiting for this since last year. (I had to last minute not go b/c my grandmother fell and broke her ankle, which meant a unplanned trip to Myrtle Beach. I love you grand mom!!) The day will start off with breakfast/brunch at Big Sam's at Rudy Inlet (maybe a Bloody Mary or two ;-) ) and then wining it up with some friends. Yes....I will be sporting my new tank top that has a wine glass on it and says "Mommy needs a time out" and my new wine glass woozie.
  • Sunday will be a full day of working on the backyard. Here's an update: The backyard is fully tilled up and leveled. We bought a new shed, but it sits in the old shed. Go figure!, Fred is suppose to lay the concrete this weekend for the new shed and get dirt delivered/picked up for my new flower beds. (I still need to finish designing the layout of the beds) Other than having all the plants planted, I hope to have the beds finished no later than Wednesday morning.
  • Monday will be my final day of work until after Memorial Day. YAY! Although I am not going to make it to Mexico until later this summer due to the whole "swine flu" thing, I am still taking off b/c I NEED IT!!
  • Fred asked me what I wanted for my birthday and here was my answer..."I want to finish working on the backyard and then go to an early dinner at Freemason Abby's" (The last time I went I loved it!!) He said "done". So that is what I will be doing on Tuesday. :-)
  • Wednesday I will be hopefully tying up loose yard ends and packing for camping. That's right, we are leaving on Thursday late morning and heading to Hatteras, NC for a long camping weekend. I soooo can not wait!! I love camping!

These are a few things that I get to look forward to in the next week. I will post some pictures of all the events as they come along. I am having an eventful start to my summer.

How about you? What do you have planned this summer?

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  1. Mmm...Big Sam's and Bloody Mary's...is it wrong that we're exciting about going to eat breakfast at a restaurant that has a MORNING happy hour?!