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Sunday, May 17

Just my luck...

So this weekend things just have not worked out like I had envisioned in my head and if this Virginia rain does not take a hike pretty soon, my vacation is going to end up the same way.

  • Friday night when I was picking Alexi up from daycare, I threw my back out yet again. Yes, I was on the floor! I have an appointment tomorrow for a massage to see if it relieves some of the pain. I have been having back problems lately and if I don't get a hold on it, I can forget getting the pavers laid in my backyard. Just my luck!
  • Now last month, my good Ole' friend Mirena left me for good. She and I had become so close in the last two years, and I owe it all to her for having two and a half years of no visits from Aunt Flo. It has been wonderful!! Well.......that has all come to a halt. I woke up yesterday morning to a visit from Aunt Flo, and trust me, she is making up for not visiting in over two years! Just my luck!
  • Well after dealing with my new "company" I went to the oceanfront for the Neptune's Wine Festival with my friends Michelle and Katie. We started off at the Reagal Beagle for some lunch and a couple of Bloody Mary's. Mmmmmmmm, Mark has def. mastered the Bloody Mary's! Anyway, after lunch we headed over to the Wine Festival. We were having a great time hovering over the Farm Fresh stand getting refills of the Sangria. Again, I must say mmmmmmmm. The Sangria was the best I had sampled at the festival. I recommend everyone take a trip to Farm Fresh for some. Anyway, we were having a great time until it started pouring. Just my luck!
  • Since it was raining we headed across the street to Dough Boy's to dry off and get a bite to eat. Besides, we probably needed to lay off the wine a little. OK, maybe I had to lay off the wine a little ;-) Any who, after some pizza and two Aloha Rita's, I was done. And somehow, Fred must have known I was too! I'm sitting there enjoying myself, when my lovely husband called me to tell me that he was close to the beach and wanted to pick me up to have dinner with he and my daughter. I have to admit, I was a little annoyed because this was not planned and I was having a great time with the girls. I didn't fight him over this, I figured it was after 5, the festival was over and I admit, I needed to stop drinking. So Fred came down and got me; he was so excited b/c he and Alexi planned on taking me to dinner. Yeah, um....that did not happen. As I sat in the car, all the alcohol crept up on me and in no time, I was asleep. Yup! Our special dinner was drive through at McDonald's while mommy was passed out in the car! Just my luck!
  • Today I woke up to it drizzling outside. Grrrrr, didn't I make it clear to Mother Nature that I wanted to work on the backyard! Well, we were able to lay out a couple of pavers before it started pouring on us. We ended up having to move on to cleaning the inside of the house. Although it was nice to get all the housework done, my plans for outside were ruined. Just my luck!
  • After cleaning the house, we went to pick up my car, went to Mexican for dinner and then had ice cream at Bruster's. Things were great and I was excited that I was able to make up for last night, but then it happened.....I threw my back out yet again! I went home, took a muscle relaxer and soaked in a hot Epsom salt bath. Tomorrow's massage can't come fast enough. Just my luck!

I'm hoping my luck changes soon. I only have one more day of work left and then I am on vacation. Boy, I can't wait!

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  1. I need to email you my friends phone number. She is a massage therapist and does in home private massage and is AMAZING! And cheaper than the typical.