Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Monday, June 29

Miracles Await....SPREAD THE WORD!!

Ok. So I am calling on my fellow bloggers for some help. I have never done this before, but I figured it could not hurt to ask. If you follow my blog on the regular, I am sure you have read my two blogs called I'm Back and RIP Lauren. (Click on highlights to go directly to the post)

Now before I get into anymore details, please know that what is being discussed in this blog has been approved by Laurens mother. Her mother is open about this story because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. In my blog I did not originally discuss what caused the passing of Lauren at such a young age. I did not feel that it was my place to do that.

Lauren and a group of friends one night got a hold of a drug called Methadone. I’m sure you have all heard of it and what can happen to you when you take it. Now let me throw in here that these CHILDREN were not drug addicts. They were teenagers that got a hold of something that they “heard” about and decided to experiment with. What they did not know was on top of it being a powerful drug to begin with, it was laced with poison. That’s right! There was poison in the Methadone. Two CHILDREN died in their sleep that night; Lauren Emilie and Zachary Hadlock. Both 16 years old, about to turn 17 and very involved in their school activities. Lauren was in the Arts Department and Zachary was on the Wrestling team at Pocono Mountain East High School in Swiftwater, PA.

This tragedy has been extremely tough on both families, but they are doing their best to get through it day by day with the support of their family and friends. Both families have become passionate about getting the word out about drugs and what can happen if you experiment with them.

Why am I asking for help? Well Lauren and Zachary’s parents and community are putting on a benefit called “Miracles Await” in their honor. Following is the information:

When: Sunday, July 12, 2009 from 2pm to 9pm
Where: Memorytown Tavern-Grange Road-Mount Pocono, PA
Cost: $10.00 per person (children 12 and under free)

Please send any check or money order donations made out to "Miracles Await" Benefit to:
Pennstar Bank
Tannersville Branch
P.O. Box 348
Tannersville, Pa. 18372
Attention: Cindy Mahoney

"Miracles Await" is a benefit that is being held in memory of Lauren and Zachary. Together with their parents, families, and friends, they are hoping to raise money to benefit the Pocono Mountain Youth Association, in which a wrestling scholarship has been established in memory of Zachary and the Pocono Mountain East High School Arts Department in memory of Lauren. Both will receive 50% of all proceeds, respectively.

The benefit will feature live entertainment, raffles, 50-50’s and lots of family fun!
Here’s where I come in. After talking to Sherry, they are in need of some gift baskets. They could consist of anything…..I mean anything. Well, I am asking for some help. I know that it’s a stretch, but the blogging community is a strong and generous community. I am asking that everyone get the word out to see if we can come up with some donated items to make up gift baskets. I realized it's such short notice to be asking for something like this with only 2 weeks left, but I wouldn’t be asking if I didn't truly believe in the cause.

I am asking that you please create a blog about it and spread the word. If there is anyone interested in donating any gifts/items please email me at
ckliesh@hotmail.com. Title your email “Miracles Await”. I will then email you my mailing address. I will make the gift baskets and ship them to the benefit committee in Pennsylvania. I will be sure to add credits to each basket as to who donated which items and I will post pictures of the finished baskets on my blog. My goal is to make 3-4 baskets. I don’t feel that it’s an unreasonable goal.

Sherry will send me pictures of the event afterwards so that I can post them here for all to see.

Tuesday, June 23

Happy Late Father's Day!!

So I know that this is a little late, but I wanted to say Happy Late Fathers Day to all of the Fathers out there. Our Fathers Day started off with Alexi and I decorating Fred's Father's Day cake while Daddy slept in late. It was so much fun, Alexi loved it....not to mention she got to sneak some licks of chocolate before 9:ooam. (We had given daddy his gift the day before.) We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed off to Lanie's birthday party. It was a great day!! (Until that evening when Mr. Virus decided to come back and pay me a visit!! But that's for a separate blog.)Yes...I am aware that it is crooked, Alexi helped putting the layers on =)

Kandoo's Kandont!!

OMG!!! Where do I begin? I have been down and out lately because I just have not been feeling well. I went to the Dr's and I am being told I have a Virus....an unexplainable Virus. Anywho...it's just wearing me down to nothing.


So on Sunday we woke up to about 2" of water in our guest bathroom. Ok, let me correct myself, there was about 1"....then I flushed the toilet.....Yup, bad mistake! You guessed it, that's when I ended up with the 2" of water.

Well, Fred has taken off the toilet and guess what we learned???

You know those so called "Kandoo's" kids flushable wipes?
Yup...these ones!!
Well let me tell you....they are KanDON'TS!!!!!!!!!
This is what happens when you use them. They are not flushable like they say they are!! Oh...and to top things off, guess what other present we found growing around underneath our toilet around the hole (but not covering it)..........
Any guesses??? Well mixed in with some of those Kandon'ts and Toilet Wax, is a great big clump of tree roots! That's right, I had tree roots growing under my toilet.
Can anyone tell me how that can happen when I live on a concrete slab???
Oh-well, our toilet now flushes. I guess its time to move on to our air conditioning unit. You guessed it, that decided to stop working yesterday. When will it ever end???

Thursday, June 18

It's Here!!

That's right! It came in the mail! I got my Vera Bradley Tiki Clutch in the mail from Denise at Lauren Nicole Gifts! How exciting! Check it out:

I am so excited. I can't wait to use it. Thank you Denise!!

Shed Take III

Alright, here it is.... final pics of the shed demolition! (I would have had them up sooner, but I have been sick this week.)
It's officially down and taken away by the hardworking City of Chesapeake Employees.
Now we're ready for the pool!!

Monday, June 15

Shed take II

Well here it is, progress on the shed in our backyard:

Saturday Fred spent the day sorting through the old shed and putting everything we were keeping in the new shed. Did I mention it was raining cats and dogs on Saturday?? Anyway...here is everything sprawled across my backyard.

Fred was soaked but he was a trooper!

Sunday was demolition day! Wow what a difference it makes!

Here is the final result.....a stack of wood on the side of our street! Thank goodness for the City of Chesapeake and their bulk pick-ups!

Yay!! Pretty soon we will be able to put up our new pool.

Saturday, June 13


I finally did it! I placed my first order with Lauren Nicole Gifts.

I ordered myself a monogram key chain and a pair of ceramic earrings.

I ordered for Alexi a ceramic monogram necklace.

I can't wait to get them in the mail. I will post pics when I get them.

Friday, June 12

I WON...... I WON!!!

Let me take a step back for a moment.

Yesterday I got a call from my husband at lunchtime letting me know that our sitter called him and said that our little princess needed to be picked up. Yes...the Vomit Monster had payed our family a little visit. He thought he would drop by and bring his little friend Mr. Fever with him. Well I don't know about you, but I don't like unexpected guests! Especially these one's.

Well, since Fred was out with other employees and did not have his car with him, I picked her up. Poor thing was so tired and felt utterly yucky! In her words "Mommy, my bewwy hurt me and I spit up". She was so sick, she wasn't even keeping water down. I felt awful! We ended up staying up til about 1:30, and then we were back up at 4:30 this morning. (Trust me when I say I was dragging today.) Fred ended up staying home with her today and I went into work. In times like this we have to compromise. I left the office early yesterday, so today was his turn. We are fortunate that we work for good companies that are understanding in cases like this.

So anyway, on my way to work my phone beeped. (I have a Blackberry and it is hooked up to my email. When I get an email, my phone beeps to inform me. Technology, I tell ya. What would we do without it?) Anywho....to much of my surprise, it was an email from Denise over at Lauren Nicole Gifts. Well...you guessed it! I won the Vera Bradley Tiki Clutch that she was giving away!

How exciting! After the night that I had, this really made up for it. To top things off, I received an email saying that she had put it in the mail today. Let me tell you, I love surprises....... but I love them even more when they come on days like this.

Thank you Denise! You have truly made my day!!!

Wednesday, June 10

And so I am off!!

That's right you guys. I am off to the No Doubt concert. Wish me lots of fun!!

I hope all that attend have a wonderful time!!

Who knows, maybe I will run into Lis at Lis Loves ;-)

Wordless Wednesday (Somebodies trying to catch some flies!!)

Tuesday, June 9

Time flies by when your having fun....I think.

So I am going to re-cap what's been going on lately in the world of the Delima's as the wind blows outside and our new shed dances around my backyard.
  • Last Friday night I stepped back in time and relived some childhood memories by going to see the New Kids on The Block in concert. Not only did I get to see them....but oh yes, I touched Donnie's shoulder. Uh huh! That's right, I had his sweat on my hand.
  • Saturday....well you know about my Saturday and Sunday already.
  • Moving on.....guess who I am going to see tomorrow? Did you guess? Huh??? Well who is it? Nothing? Not even an idea? Well let me help you out.........I am going to see No Doubt! I am taking my sitter to see them. We are going to have so much fun.
  • Saturday I will be taking Alexi to a birthday party. Fun, Fun, Fun!
  • Sunday....Hmmmm, hopefully I will get some sleep. I will need to get a head start b/c we will be heading up to PA the following weekend for my nephews birthday party and then the weekend after that we will be camping in Cape Hatteras, NC. (When will the madness end? I am going to need a vacation from my summer.)

Oh-well. That's what's going on in the world of the Delima's. Hope you all enjoyed.

Oh, and since my friend Melissa informed me that she's a fan of my blog, I would like to send a shout out to her. Melissa, this one's for you!!

Playing around II

So I have been playing around with more possible backgrounds for my blog. What do you all think about this one?

It's called Two Hearts
I think I like this one the best so far ;-)

Got Philosophy???

Michelle at Stuttering Shell does and she's giving it away! That's right! You better get your butt over to her blog and enter for your chance to win!! Tell her I sent you ;-) Anyone know what the best part is? I'm waiting......o.k., here goes.....there's not only going to be one winner, but there will be two. Yup....so check it out and enter!

Monday, June 8

Playing around with backgrounds.....

So I have been playing around with some new backgrounds. Please let me know what you think about this one. I will be experimenting each night with a new one to see if I can come up with one that I like and one that is free. If not, I think I might have to take the plunge and pay someone to do one for me (not really in my budget to do that right now).

Sooooo....leave your comments and at the end of the week I hope to come up with a new blogging page.....whether it's free or purchased!

If anyone knows someone that does them super super cheap....kinda like a 5 finger discount ;-), please send them my way.

This one is called Blue Bamboo

What's new?

My new shed. That's what's new. Well almost.

Fred and our good friend Enzo spent most of their Saturday working on our shed. Those poor guys busted their butts. Well come dinner time, they were able to finish the foundation.

By Sunday, it ended up becoming a group effort. Our friends Chris and Brian came over to lend a helping hand. (And partake in a little BBQ'ing) It took them all day working really hard and by the end it was nearly done.

Today Fred starting wrapping up the assembling. Hopefully tomorrow he will be done and will begin clearing out the old one for D-DAY! That's right! The day he demolishes it! I will be so excited when that eye soar is out of my yard! Don't worry....I will put before, during and after pics of it.

It's so exciting that our backyard is coming together. I do have to work on doing something to keep the rabbits from eating my vegetable plants. I hear if I put moth balls around the bed, they won't go near it. We'll see.....

Anywho, thank you to all of my great friends for all of your hard work. We truly appreciate you and the time you spent helping out.

FRIENDS become our Chosen Families

The Nittany Quill

She's doing it again!! A new giveaway!!

She's doing it again! Lauren at Lauren Nicole Gifts is doing another Vera Bradley giveaway. Be sure to enter for your chance to win!
In case I have not said it before.....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her products. M ake sure you check them out!!

Thursday, June 4

Potty Time...

...for real this time! If you've read any of my earlier posts, you would know that I have been trying to potty train Alexi since Christmas. The last month or so we have gone back to pull-ups because she was having more accidents than we cared for. Well, it's official! She is potty trained. No more pull-ups during the day or at nap time. We might even be working towards getting rid of the ones at night too soon. She has been waking up dry in the morning. We are definitely on the right track. Alexi has been going to the bathroom on her own, without telling anyone.

My sitter told me yesterday that she doesn't ever want to see my daughter in another pull-up again. She goes all day long for her without any question and always wakes up dry from her nap.

Yay!! This is so exciting. I just hope that we don't get ahead of ourselves and fall back like we did last time :(

Wednesday, June 3

I found a new love!!

So I found a new blog that I absolutely love!! Lauren Nicole Monogrammed Gifts is an awesome place to find the perfect something for yourself or a friend. I am currently trying to decide which ceramic pieces I want to add to my jewelry collection. I love, love, love them! I might have to get a monogram necklace for Alexi. Her items are the perfect gift when you don't know what to get someone. Check them out by clicking on Lauren Nicole Monogrammed Gifts above.

She is also holding a giveaway. It ends tomorrow so you better get your entry in soon if you want this Lilly Pulitzer Wallet!

Time for a face lift!!!

Hey all!! I am contemplating giving my layout a face lift. I'm looking for something different. I'm open for suggestions.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 2

Men Don't Listen

Men don’t listen!! Plain and simple. Not even when they know it’s in their best interest (and this is not just my opinion, it’s everyone’s….so I am not just acting like a know it all!). How come when you ask a man to do something, you get the…..“I’m fine” comeback? Well I’m sorry, what if you’re not fine! The other problem I have is; don’t tell me to give you a little bit of credit! Are you kidding me? Why don’t you give me a little bit of credit!! Don’t you understand that it’s all because I care? Men obviously can’t hear themselves…if they did, women would not have to worry about repeating themselves all the time! Wow…the thought of not having to say something twice…hmmmm? Imagine. Wouldn’t that be nice? Not only would you not be repeating yourself, but you wouldn’t feel like you have a 5’+ grown man who probably is messier than your own children to care for.

Sorry I am rambling…to get back on track….men need to just listen to sound advice! They need to take care of themselves. God knows, women will finally get fed up with having to stay on top of things. Men……Have you ever heard of nursing homes? If we don’t want to take of you when you’re perfectly capable of doing it on your own, what makes you so sure we will when you get older?

Think about it!!

Hey there...like giveaways? I do!!

So for all of you that like giveaways, just click on the giveaways icon to check out my friend Michelle's blog. (Or click on her Stuttering Shell button on my sidebar) She is doing giveaways all month for her 2yr blog anniversary. This week is a Vera Bradley purse! Check it out and enter for your chance to win!!