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Friday, June 12

I WON...... I WON!!!

Let me take a step back for a moment.

Yesterday I got a call from my husband at lunchtime letting me know that our sitter called him and said that our little princess needed to be picked up. Yes...the Vomit Monster had payed our family a little visit. He thought he would drop by and bring his little friend Mr. Fever with him. Well I don't know about you, but I don't like unexpected guests! Especially these one's.

Well, since Fred was out with other employees and did not have his car with him, I picked her up. Poor thing was so tired and felt utterly yucky! In her words "Mommy, my bewwy hurt me and I spit up". She was so sick, she wasn't even keeping water down. I felt awful! We ended up staying up til about 1:30, and then we were back up at 4:30 this morning. (Trust me when I say I was dragging today.) Fred ended up staying home with her today and I went into work. In times like this we have to compromise. I left the office early yesterday, so today was his turn. We are fortunate that we work for good companies that are understanding in cases like this.

So anyway, on my way to work my phone beeped. (I have a Blackberry and it is hooked up to my email. When I get an email, my phone beeps to inform me. Technology, I tell ya. What would we do without it?) Anywho....to much of my surprise, it was an email from Denise over at Lauren Nicole Gifts. Well...you guessed it! I won the Vera Bradley Tiki Clutch that she was giving away!

How exciting! After the night that I had, this really made up for it. To top things off, I received an email saying that she had put it in the mail today. Let me tell you, I love surprises....... but I love them even more when they come on days like this.

Thank you Denise! You have truly made my day!!!

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