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Tuesday, June 23

Kandoo's Kandont!!

OMG!!! Where do I begin? I have been down and out lately because I just have not been feeling well. I went to the Dr's and I am being told I have a Virus....an unexplainable Virus. Anywho...it's just wearing me down to nothing.


So on Sunday we woke up to about 2" of water in our guest bathroom. Ok, let me correct myself, there was about 1"....then I flushed the toilet.....Yup, bad mistake! You guessed it, that's when I ended up with the 2" of water.

Well, Fred has taken off the toilet and guess what we learned???

You know those so called "Kandoo's" kids flushable wipes?
Yup...these ones!!
Well let me tell you....they are KanDON'TS!!!!!!!!!
This is what happens when you use them. They are not flushable like they say they are!! Oh...and to top things off, guess what other present we found growing around underneath our toilet around the hole (but not covering it)..........
Any guesses??? Well mixed in with some of those Kandon'ts and Toilet Wax, is a great big clump of tree roots! That's right, I had tree roots growing under my toilet.
Can anyone tell me how that can happen when I live on a concrete slab???
Oh-well, our toilet now flushes. I guess its time to move on to our air conditioning unit. You guessed it, that decided to stop working yesterday. When will it ever end???

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