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Tuesday, June 2

Men Don't Listen

Men don’t listen!! Plain and simple. Not even when they know it’s in their best interest (and this is not just my opinion, it’s everyone’s….so I am not just acting like a know it all!). How come when you ask a man to do something, you get the…..“I’m fine” comeback? Well I’m sorry, what if you’re not fine! The other problem I have is; don’t tell me to give you a little bit of credit! Are you kidding me? Why don’t you give me a little bit of credit!! Don’t you understand that it’s all because I care? Men obviously can’t hear themselves…if they did, women would not have to worry about repeating themselves all the time! Wow…the thought of not having to say something twice…hmmmm? Imagine. Wouldn’t that be nice? Not only would you not be repeating yourself, but you wouldn’t feel like you have a 5’+ grown man who probably is messier than your own children to care for.

Sorry I am rambling…to get back on track….men need to just listen to sound advice! They need to take care of themselves. God knows, women will finally get fed up with having to stay on top of things. Men……Have you ever heard of nursing homes? If we don’t want to take of you when you’re perfectly capable of doing it on your own, what makes you so sure we will when you get older?

Think about it!!


  1. Ha ha ha...you and I are sharing a brain again, Catrina! (Watch out, world!)

    Just wait for my post...

  2. Oh no! I will be waiting patiently =)

  3. Oh great. You mean Cody is never going to out grow the not listening thing? LOL!

  4. That's right sister, you better start getting used to it now LOL