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Monday, June 29

Miracles Await....SPREAD THE WORD!!

Ok. So I am calling on my fellow bloggers for some help. I have never done this before, but I figured it could not hurt to ask. If you follow my blog on the regular, I am sure you have read my two blogs called I'm Back and RIP Lauren. (Click on highlights to go directly to the post)

Now before I get into anymore details, please know that what is being discussed in this blog has been approved by Laurens mother. Her mother is open about this story because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. In my blog I did not originally discuss what caused the passing of Lauren at such a young age. I did not feel that it was my place to do that.

Lauren and a group of friends one night got a hold of a drug called Methadone. I’m sure you have all heard of it and what can happen to you when you take it. Now let me throw in here that these CHILDREN were not drug addicts. They were teenagers that got a hold of something that they “heard” about and decided to experiment with. What they did not know was on top of it being a powerful drug to begin with, it was laced with poison. That’s right! There was poison in the Methadone. Two CHILDREN died in their sleep that night; Lauren Emilie and Zachary Hadlock. Both 16 years old, about to turn 17 and very involved in their school activities. Lauren was in the Arts Department and Zachary was on the Wrestling team at Pocono Mountain East High School in Swiftwater, PA.

This tragedy has been extremely tough on both families, but they are doing their best to get through it day by day with the support of their family and friends. Both families have become passionate about getting the word out about drugs and what can happen if you experiment with them.

Why am I asking for help? Well Lauren and Zachary’s parents and community are putting on a benefit called “Miracles Await” in their honor. Following is the information:

When: Sunday, July 12, 2009 from 2pm to 9pm
Where: Memorytown Tavern-Grange Road-Mount Pocono, PA
Cost: $10.00 per person (children 12 and under free)

Please send any check or money order donations made out to "Miracles Await" Benefit to:
Pennstar Bank
Tannersville Branch
P.O. Box 348
Tannersville, Pa. 18372
Attention: Cindy Mahoney

"Miracles Await" is a benefit that is being held in memory of Lauren and Zachary. Together with their parents, families, and friends, they are hoping to raise money to benefit the Pocono Mountain Youth Association, in which a wrestling scholarship has been established in memory of Zachary and the Pocono Mountain East High School Arts Department in memory of Lauren. Both will receive 50% of all proceeds, respectively.

The benefit will feature live entertainment, raffles, 50-50’s and lots of family fun!
Here’s where I come in. After talking to Sherry, they are in need of some gift baskets. They could consist of anything…..I mean anything. Well, I am asking for some help. I know that it’s a stretch, but the blogging community is a strong and generous community. I am asking that everyone get the word out to see if we can come up with some donated items to make up gift baskets. I realized it's such short notice to be asking for something like this with only 2 weeks left, but I wouldn’t be asking if I didn't truly believe in the cause.

I am asking that you please create a blog about it and spread the word. If there is anyone interested in donating any gifts/items please email me at
ckliesh@hotmail.com. Title your email “Miracles Await”. I will then email you my mailing address. I will make the gift baskets and ship them to the benefit committee in Pennsylvania. I will be sure to add credits to each basket as to who donated which items and I will post pictures of the finished baskets on my blog. My goal is to make 3-4 baskets. I don’t feel that it’s an unreasonable goal.

Sherry will send me pictures of the event afterwards so that I can post them here for all to see.


  1. I will get with you on this and see what I can come up with. I'll talk to you about it today at work. I can ship it directly to Sherry, too.

    Let's do something special for Lauren & Zachary!

  2. I can't even tell you how saddened I am after reading this! How awful for them and their families! I read the RIP LAUREN post and she sounds like she was such a talented girl and the pic of her was so beautiful! Zachary I'm sure was just as talented as well! I would love to help with anything I can! I'll email you and you let me know what might be needed! God bless you for your caring heart and God bless Lauren, Zachary and their family and friends!

  3. First of all... thoughts and prayers for the families and all those that are a part of these two young teens.

    I will be contacting you through your email, but our server has acted up some, so thought I would leave a comment here as well.