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Thursday, June 4

Potty Time...

...for real this time! If you've read any of my earlier posts, you would know that I have been trying to potty train Alexi since Christmas. The last month or so we have gone back to pull-ups because she was having more accidents than we cared for. Well, it's official! She is potty trained. No more pull-ups during the day or at nap time. We might even be working towards getting rid of the ones at night too soon. She has been waking up dry in the morning. We are definitely on the right track. Alexi has been going to the bathroom on her own, without telling anyone.

My sitter told me yesterday that she doesn't ever want to see my daughter in another pull-up again. She goes all day long for her without any question and always wakes up dry from her nap.

Yay!! This is so exciting. I just hope that we don't get ahead of ourselves and fall back like we did last time :(


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  2. It is so nice to not have to buy diapers anymore. Lanie did great when we went to PA. I had her in pull ups for the trip and she stated dry :) yipee.....