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Monday, June 8

What's new?

My new shed. That's what's new. Well almost.

Fred and our good friend Enzo spent most of their Saturday working on our shed. Those poor guys busted their butts. Well come dinner time, they were able to finish the foundation.

By Sunday, it ended up becoming a group effort. Our friends Chris and Brian came over to lend a helping hand. (And partake in a little BBQ'ing) It took them all day working really hard and by the end it was nearly done.

Today Fred starting wrapping up the assembling. Hopefully tomorrow he will be done and will begin clearing out the old one for D-DAY! That's right! The day he demolishes it! I will be so excited when that eye soar is out of my yard! Don't worry....I will put before, during and after pics of it.

It's so exciting that our backyard is coming together. I do have to work on doing something to keep the rabbits from eating my vegetable plants. I hear if I put moth balls around the bed, they won't go near it. We'll see.....

Anywho, thank you to all of my great friends for all of your hard work. We truly appreciate you and the time you spent helping out.

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