Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Friday, July 31


So yesterday after work and before heading out to The Real Housewives of Atlanta night with the girls (I’ll save details for another posting), Alexi and I were picking some tomatoes from my garden.

Alexi: “Mariposa mommy, mariposa!!”

Me: “Huh, sweetheart?”

Alexi: “Mariposa mommy! There is goes.” (as she points)

Me: “Oh, you mean a butterfly?”

Alexi: “Yes mommy, mariposa!! It’s flying away”

Me: “Lexi, do you know that it’s called a butterfly, too?”

Alexi: “Diego says mariposa. It’s mariposa.”

Me: “I know honey, but it has two names…..mariposa and butterfly.”


I left it alone after she started getting worked up about it because seriously, who am I to question Diego? According to my daughter, he and Dora know everything….. and me, I obviously don’t know anything! Lol

Attention All Parents!!!

Real quick!! For any of those that are interested, The Children’s Place is having a 2 day 25% off sale (7/31/09 & 8/1/09)! Use the promotion code s2dse. I just ordered a few things for this summer and a ton of stuff for next summer for under $50. Granite I only shopped in the sale section, but I got 8 pairs of shorts, 7 shirts and 3 dresses! Hello!! I did the math, if I had paid regular price I would have spent $270.45. Yes, that is why I pretty much only buy from them when I can get things on clearance at the end of a season, for the following season. Do you follow? Anyway….spread the word!! I love great deals!

Wednesday, July 22

Emotions & Reminiscing

The word EMOTIONS has multiple meanings; It could mean a strong feeling about somebody/something or it could mean an agitation/disturbance caused by strong feelings. (Credit to Microsoft Words Dictionary)

At this stage in my life I am being flooded with a multitude of emotions. My emotions are the root of all of my blogs; they are what make me tick and my fingers talk. Each blog/emotion is based on a particular feeling that I am experiencing at that particular time….happy, sad, angry, sympathetic, confused, love, discouraged, stubborn, excited and grateful.

As previously discussed, there has been a lot going on in the world of the Delima’s….thus the lack of blogging lately. Some good things, some bad things….in the end, I blog to express some of my emotions.

Currently, one emotion I am not feeling is forgiveness. It’s hard right now because the last couple of years I have been put in the position of not being able to forgive those that have hurt me. I think that stems from growing up not being allowed to have an opinion or a choice. As an adult now, I refuse to let anyone walk all over me. I refuse to put up with something that I don’t have to. I finally have the ability to make my own choices and by God, I am going to do so!

Tuesday, July 21

A bunch of Randomness

Alexi and her Ms. Niecy dressed the same during Red, White and Blue week at daycare.

Alexi dressed up for fairytale day at daycare.

Alexi's VoVo (Grandpa in Portuguese) came down for a quick visit on Saturday. You can't make a trip to Chesapeake, VA without stopping at El Toro Loco!

Alexi came home from daycare with hair like Cindy Lou Who during Dr. Seuss week.

Alexi and Daddy eating cookies

Alexi and her sock puppet that she made at daycare.

Alexi and her flower headband she made at daycare.

Alexi's rocket from space week at Daycare.

Monday, July 20

Miracles Await

So here they are everyone!! Here are some pictures from Miracles Await!!! I am honored to announce that with everyones help we raised........drum role please...........$10,000.00!!!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support!!

Thursday, July 16

Last, but not least............

Ok.... so I am really late with these recent postings and I am so sorry. There has been a lot going on in the Delima Household. Some good.......some bad.

But I do not want to go without showing love where love is due. I received a beautiful sketch from Personalized Sketches & Sentiments. The picture is of a young lady playing a flute. Its symbolic of Lauren as an angel playing music. Words can't describe how perfect this piece of art is and how talented Maria is. The entire sketch is made from the word Joy. It is absolutely amazing how she does it! I am so in love with her work, that I am currently trying to decide on a picture of my daughter to have a sketch created. Anyway, enough about me and what I want......without further ado, here is the sketch that Maria created. Her artwork speaks for itself. If your ever looking for the perfect gift for someone, check out Personalized Sketches & Sentiments. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

(I'm sorry, my pics of the sketch truly does not do justice to how beautiful it is)
Maria, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. We are all grateful for your generosity!!

Tuesday, July 7

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!

Thank you to all that lended a hand in donating gifts to create gift baskets for the "Miracles Await" Benefit. (Details in previous 2 posts) I have been blessed to work with some of our fellow bloggers to put together some raffle prizes for the benefit. Sooooo, without further ado.......

Danielle Stevens "Lucky" Necklace donated by Jen from www.thelook4less.net
(I realized I spelled the web address wrong after I took these pics, please know that I changed it on the gift before I packaged it up. Sorry Jen)

Bath & Body Gift Sets from Michelle at www.stutteringshell.com

Handmade Paper Whimsies from Laurie at http://www.preppypapergirl.blogspot.com/
I would also like to say a special thanks to Holly @ Pink is My Signature Color at www.hollymcstaypaul.blogspot.com for her generous monetary donation which I will be forwarding 100% of it to the"Miracles Await" Benefit to:
Tannersville Branch
P.O. Box 348
Tannersville, Pa. 18372
Attention: Cindy Mahoney
Again, I would like to thank all of those who opened their hearts to help. Every little bit truly does make a difference! My mother and sister both promise to take pictures of the "Miracles Await" Benefit winners and will send them to me ASAP so that I can post them for you all to see!
For those of you that still want to make donations, please forward monetary donations to the address listed above.
Thank you and God Bless!!
(P.S. Adorable gift baskets came from Garden Ridge)

Friday, July 3

Lauren and Zach

Miracles Await

2009 Yearbook Tribute

Lauren was on the School
Paper called the Cardinal

Celebrating Lauren & Zach's 17th Birthday with family and friends.

The School Art Department painted Lauren's Art Desk

Laurens artwork......enjoy!!