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Tuesday, July 21

A bunch of Randomness

Alexi and her Ms. Niecy dressed the same during Red, White and Blue week at daycare.

Alexi dressed up for fairytale day at daycare.

Alexi's VoVo (Grandpa in Portuguese) came down for a quick visit on Saturday. You can't make a trip to Chesapeake, VA without stopping at El Toro Loco!

Alexi came home from daycare with hair like Cindy Lou Who during Dr. Seuss week.

Alexi and Daddy eating cookies

Alexi and her sock puppet that she made at daycare.

Alexi and her flower headband she made at daycare.

Alexi's rocket from space week at Daycare.


  1. I saw the photo of Alexi with her VoVo...I have been meaning to mention that I thought Delima was Portuguese :o)

    Botelho, people think the name is Italian. His mom's family name is Cabral/Rezentes.

    My hubby is 4th generation born in Hawaii Portuguese. Although, with my husband's grandpa being one of 22 kids (3 girls and 19 boys), they are spread out all over. (that's a story, I will need to post sometime :o)

    Does your husband's family speak the language? My husband said none of his siblings or cousins do (they say they maybe only recognize some of the bad words!), but their parents did, and of course the generations before them.

    That is so neat...

    (we always pronounced it VooVoo & VoVo for grandma...I'll have to ask again).

    also, meant to say, your diaper cakes are adorable!

  2. I just can't believe how big Lexi is getting. She's so cute!