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Friday, July 31


So yesterday after work and before heading out to The Real Housewives of Atlanta night with the girls (I’ll save details for another posting), Alexi and I were picking some tomatoes from my garden.

Alexi: “Mariposa mommy, mariposa!!”

Me: “Huh, sweetheart?”

Alexi: “Mariposa mommy! There is goes.” (as she points)

Me: “Oh, you mean a butterfly?”

Alexi: “Yes mommy, mariposa!! It’s flying away”

Me: “Lexi, do you know that it’s called a butterfly, too?”

Alexi: “Diego says mariposa. It’s mariposa.”

Me: “I know honey, but it has two names…..mariposa and butterfly.”


I left it alone after she started getting worked up about it because seriously, who am I to question Diego? According to my daughter, he and Dora know everything….. and me, I obviously don’t know anything! Lol

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