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Monday, August 3

The Green Monster Movement

So this morning I started something new. Thanks to Michelle over at Stuttering Shell, I have learned of a new type of smoothie. I realize the name might scare you off a little, but trust me, they are really good. Good tasting and good for you. Angela at greenmonstermovement had one goal….to come up with a green and healthy smoothie. Well everyone, she did….and not just one, but many different flavors. Check her website out. I had the blueberry banana green monster this morning; only I substituted the blueberries with strawberries.

Wow, was I surprised! It was really good! The hubby even liked it, and he won’t go anywhere near spinach normally.

Now let me just give you a little tid-bit of information. There is a reason why it’s called the green monster movement. It is green, it looks a little scary and……..let’s just say it sure does move a few things. Keep in mind; this is a healthy shake with potentially a lot of fiber.
I think that I will be having one of these every morning for breakfast.


  1. I had a second one yesterday after dinner (because Aidan wanted one). Adam had a sip and didn't mind it.

    So far, so good...and it hasn't wrecked havoc on my system yet either! :-)

  2. "let’s just say it sure does move a few things"... HA!