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Monday, August 3

So much to do, so little time

First of all I need to say that I just cannot believe that it is August already. Seriously?!?! Where has the time gone? Well the month of August is going to be no different. My in-laws coming in town on Wed. and staying until Sat. My sister-in-law and family is coming at the end of the week and staying through the weekend. My aunt, uncle and mothers birthdays are this week...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL AUGUST BIRTHDAYS!! Next weekend I will be going to PA for my nephews college graduation. He's graduating from Penn State....CONGRATULATIONS MATT!!! The following weekend I am trying to not plan anything (a girls gotta relax sometime). The hubs and our friend Enzo is heading off to Texas for a long weekend. The weekend after that, which is the last weekend in August I am planning a certain little surprise that I can't talk about right now. That little surprise will be taking me back to PA. And yes...I live in Virginia. I am trying o make flight arrangements so that I don't have to drive both trip. And finally, we will be camping in Hatteras, NC for Labor Day weekend. I am so excited b/c we have talked some our close friends into joining us (we're working on a couple more....Liz *wink* *wink* ) Whew!! I'm tired just typing all these events...I wonder how tired I will be living them out!?!? Oh, and amongst all that, I will be filling my weeks with work, family and housework.


  1. At the rate we're going, it will soon be Christmas!! August is going to FLY by.

  2. Happy Birthdays! And Happy Trip planning and Travels!
    and Happy Housework?... anywho! Hope your month is filled with lots of great things :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!