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Thursday, August 27

Some of my own exciting news!!!

Do you all remember that post I did when my boss asked me if I was pregnant? Yes ... this one. As you all know, my answer was no. That's right I was was not pregnant, although Fred and I were talking about it and well, you know .... working on it.

Well, now I can officially say that if my boss was to yell across the office and ask me if I was pregnant, My answer would be ..... YES!! That's right everyone, I am pregnant and so happy. I guess all that "working" paid off ;-)

I have a Dr.'S appt. On Monday so I will fill you in later on the details. Until then, it will be heartburn city (I had heartburn 24 / 7 when I was pregnant with Alexi and from the start of this pregnancy, it looks like it's going to be no different).

Everyone have a wonderful evening!!!