Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Wednesday, September 23

Starting to feel better....

I am starting to feel better now that I am taking some anti-nausea medicine. I look forward to being more active on my blog. I will also update you on whats been going on in the Delima household with topics like:
  • How my pregnancy has been going
  • Our ordeal with the Swine Flu....yes, Mr. Swine Flu had paid us a visit. Ugh!!
  • Latest Drama with a capitol D!
  • Details on our upcoming Disney trip.
  • And much more.....

Stay tuned :)

Thursday, September 10

Going to Disney!! Again!

So we decided to plan another trip to Disney, well I should say that my Aunt proposed a trip to Disney. (I also say another trip b/c my Aunt and I just went in March for a long weekend. I did not take the hubs and Alexi then. This trip is for a week.) She found a really great deal and asked if we wanted to try to go. Well of course we could not pass it up, it's a really great deal that we are getting.

Soooooo, although I would not normally take Alexi to Disney at such a young age, I can not pass up this opportunity. The hotel=free, mine and Alexi's flights=paid for (we had airline credit), park passes=stupid cheap. Do you all see a pattern? My Aunt always finds the best deals. This is something we could not say no too. On top of the hubs and Alexi going, my sister and her family is going as well. We are so excited.

My sister keeps texting me everyday the countdown...as of yesterday it was 38 days till we fly out. I can't wait! I was able to book our layover in Philly (which is where my Aunt, cousins and sister are flying out of), so we will get to fly to Disney all together on the same flight. It will be the same when we come home. We truly are blessed to have this opportunity.

Along with hitting up the parks, we are going to go to Cape Canaveral, Universal Studios and the beach! I will keep you all posted!

I don't know how to be a big sister

So ever since we told my daughter that she was going to be a big sister, her response has been..."I don't know how to be a big sister!" Well as we were at the mall on Monday, waiting to see Disney's "UP" (which I recommend seeing. It's a cute movie) an older woman was being polite and said hello to Alexi. Alexi turned to her and said...

Alexi-"I'm going to be a big sister".

Woman-"Oh yeah? That's great! Are you excited?"


Woman-"Oh...why not?"

Alexi-"Because I don't know how to be a big sister!"

Needless to say the woman got a chuckle out of it and told Alexi that she would learn. She then gave Alexi a dollar to "buy something special" for herself (come to think of it, that dollar is still in my purse).

Kids can say the darnedest things :-)

Wednesday, September 9

The secret

So last week I said that I was heading back to Pennsylvania, but that I could not say why. Well now I share my secret....my siblings and I had a surprise birthday party for my parents. My mother turned 50 on Aug. 6th and my dad turns 50 on Sept. 24th (I know, they are young, they started their family at a young age.)

Anywho, it was so much fun. I first told my parents that I was flying in. This gave my siblings and I no other choice but to drive my sisters small car to pick our parents up. Yup, picture this: 5 adults in a 4 door Mazda. 2 of the adults are over 6 ft, 2 adults get hot flashes (yes, I'm one of them) and the shortest adult who scares us behind the wheel was the driver. Yes....gotta love my family. Let's just say it def. gave us time to bond. Lol. On a serious note, it was a lot of fun. We joked and laughed as we took my parents to the Picture People to have a new family photo done. We were all so surprised at how great the pictures turned out. (The last family photo we had was when I was like twelve and I have a sour pus look on my face)

After our photo shoot we took my parents to my Aunts house for a surprise party. (Only it wasn't so much a surprise b/c someone had spilled some of the beans before hand. But it worked out anyway, so that was not big deal. My parents didn't know details.)

The theme was memories. We had hung up old and new pictures of my parents all around the house (that was hilarious b/c we even put some in the bathroom). I had also typed up memories that myself and siblings had growing up and taped them on the leftover invitations (which were a picture of my parents at my wedding). I then taped them all over the house. This was such a fun thing to do. All the guests had a good time reading the memories and looking at the pictures. We also had the guests get involved with the fun. As each guest arrived, they had to write down on a little paper a memory they had with my parents and put it in a bucket. Just before we did the cake, my sister read each memory and my parents had to guess whose memory it was. Let me tell you, we all were laughing. Everyone had good memories, but I think the best one was when my sister read "My memory was when it was just the two of us". It took us all a minute to figure out whose memory it was. We are fortunate to still have my Great Grandfather around and his memory was of him and our Great Grandmother together starting our crazy family. How sweet is that!!

So that was the secret. It was such a good time for all! My parents said they were so happy and grateful for the party. They truly loved every bit of it.

Pictures are still to follow.....

Monday, September 7

Wednesday, September 2

Not feeling so hot!!

Sorry about the lack in blogging and the details on my weekend to PA. I have had a rough last couple of days with morning, noon & night sickness. I am exhausted all day long and just lagging through the days. Yesterday morning I was driving on the interstate on my way into work and had to pull over. Yes, you guessed it.....everyone driving on 264E at 7:40am got to watch me toss my cookies. I am truly sorry to all those that had to witness that. It certainly was not pleasant (I was on the side of the road for quite a bit of time. Ugh!) Thank God for Michelle over at Stuttering Shell for stopping and getting me a travel tooth brush set on her way into work. (We had a new girl start and I am sure she did not want to smell my rank breath as I was training her.)

So.....when I get a little more energy, I will get back to blogging regularly. If I don't talk to you all before then, have a safe and happy holiday weekend.