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Thursday, September 10

Going to Disney!! Again!

So we decided to plan another trip to Disney, well I should say that my Aunt proposed a trip to Disney. (I also say another trip b/c my Aunt and I just went in March for a long weekend. I did not take the hubs and Alexi then. This trip is for a week.) She found a really great deal and asked if we wanted to try to go. Well of course we could not pass it up, it's a really great deal that we are getting.

Soooooo, although I would not normally take Alexi to Disney at such a young age, I can not pass up this opportunity. The hotel=free, mine and Alexi's flights=paid for (we had airline credit), park passes=stupid cheap. Do you all see a pattern? My Aunt always finds the best deals. This is something we could not say no too. On top of the hubs and Alexi going, my sister and her family is going as well. We are so excited.

My sister keeps texting me everyday the countdown...as of yesterday it was 38 days till we fly out. I can't wait! I was able to book our layover in Philly (which is where my Aunt, cousins and sister are flying out of), so we will get to fly to Disney all together on the same flight. It will be the same when we come home. We truly are blessed to have this opportunity.

Along with hitting up the parks, we are going to go to Cape Canaveral, Universal Studios and the beach! I will keep you all posted!


  1. We are going in 35 days!!! We just made a cute countdown chain for the kids. I have been too many times to count, but since it is the kids first trip, I can hardly contain myself.

    Where are you staying?

  2. That's awesome!! I love Disney!!

    I'm so glad you'd like to join our blogger night out! I jut need your email so I can send u the final place and time! My email is LisLoves@yahoo.com