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Wednesday, September 2

Not feeling so hot!!

Sorry about the lack in blogging and the details on my weekend to PA. I have had a rough last couple of days with morning, noon & night sickness. I am exhausted all day long and just lagging through the days. Yesterday morning I was driving on the interstate on my way into work and had to pull over. Yes, you guessed it.....everyone driving on 264E at 7:40am got to watch me toss my cookies. I am truly sorry to all those that had to witness that. It certainly was not pleasant (I was on the side of the road for quite a bit of time. Ugh!) Thank God for Michelle over at Stuttering Shell for stopping and getting me a travel tooth brush set on her way into work. (We had a new girl start and I am sure she did not want to smell my rank breath as I was training her.)

So.....when I get a little more energy, I will get back to blogging regularly. If I don't talk to you all before then, have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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  1. Oh honey I'm sorry to hear you're so sick. Hope it doesn't last the whole 9 months for you.