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Monday, October 12

Hey there!!!

Alright...I know, I've said I was back before, but really......I am. Trust me, I now have more time on my hands(we'll save that for another blog, lets start slow) so there should be no excuse! What's going on now? Hmmm...currently we are packing for our family trip to Disney. We fly out Saturday morning so we are really excited for that.

I am currently altering Alexi's Snow White costume to fit her a little bit better. Just our luck...the 3T dress was too big and the 2t is too small. Seriously?!?!?!? So what am I doing? Altering the 3T dress to fit her better :) This is when I wished I had a sewing machine. I do know how to work my way around one. It makes it much easier than sewing by hand. Oh-well. That's the joy of being a parent :-)

Just think...I'm going to be a parent times two in 6 more months. That's right, I am now 3 months pregnant! That has been quite a challenge lately (we'll blog about that later, too).

Happy Monday All!

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming new addition :o) And hopefully all the swine flu has permanently left your place!

    I have been so MIA since working full time doing hygiene... but happy to get some blog reading in again!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Also want you to know I have an award (aka bloghug) for you at my place. Even if you are an award free blog, please take a peek to see what it's for! Thank you for all your past comments.