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Tuesday, October 27

I should have been a nurse....

So after yesterdays experience and training, I'm thinking I should have just became a nurse.

I had my regular monthly check-up scheduled at my obgyn yesterday morning. Nothing new, I'm now 14 weeks and 1 day pregnant. My due date is April 25th.

Well they finally call my name and do the usual prep work including the good ol' weigh in. The nurse said to me, "wow, you lost 17pnds" I said I was aware I lost some weight due to not being able to keep down food and some fluids, bt not that much. I informed her that I went through the same thing with my first pregnancy. My body just does not do pregnancy well. Anywho, so she put me in a room and told me to wait for the Dr.

My Dr. came in and said "You need to go the hospital now" I said "Um, no. I don't understand, I went through this before and never had to go to the hospital." Well come to find out, I had lost 17pnds just in the last month; a total of 26 pounds in two months. I'm losing weight much faster in this pregnancy.

So after my meltdown and clearing of all the tears, I head over to the hospital. I get admitted and sit there with an IV for about 6hours, waiting for the "Pick" Nurse to come and put in a Pickline (travel IV) in me. Yes, they put in an IV in my upper right arm, which goes up my vein to my clavicle and back down just above my heart. I am having a really hard time coping with this. Other than giving birth to Alexi, I don't think I've ever been this nervous about something.

A nurse came to my house last night to give me my IV bags and to teach me how to change my lines. I'm telling you, I really should have just gone through nursing school. I have learned how to undo the lines, flush the lines, and set up a new IV bag. I then get to program my pump accordingly; all while trying to stay as sterile as possible so that I don't get an infection in my arm.

I can't wait to get this out and start eating real food on my own. I could not sleep last night. I'm so nervous that I might accidentally pull it out of my arm if I move the wrong way. I'm also nervous that my daughter might get caught on it and pull it.

All I know is that I just want a healthy baby and I will do everything possible to ensure that. (I just hope that this doesn't last my whole pregnancy)


  1. Holy moly, Catrina! I hope everything is OK.

    Is this just to replenish your body because of the weight loss so far with the pregnancy?

    I'm thinking of you.

  2. Michelle,

    Yes at this point it is to replenish my body from the weight loss and to continue to keep me hydrated. Right now, I'm not able to keep anything down except some fluids. This is worse than my prenancy with Alexi. If I don't get to the point where I can keep solids down, I will be given fluids with protein and more nutrients. Right now we are just using Saline and Zofran(a stronger dose of the anti-naseau meds) to see if it will help me keep food down on my own :(

    How are you guys doing? I miss you guys and think about you all the time!