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Wednesday, November 18


For those of you that follow my blog on the regular I'm sure you noticed that I changed my background. There has been some changes in our lives, so I figured why not make some changes here as well.

The hubs and I have been working on a few things in the house....you know, just sprucing it up a little. Making some minor changes.

Alexi has been going through some changes of her own. Yes, it seems that since she is turning 3 next month, she has become too old to call us mommy and daddy. Yup, we have turned into mom and dad. And you know, its not that our "names" changed that bothers me, its the tone she uses when saying it. She is really trying to sound like a "big kid". It kills me. Seriously...please tell me why my almost 3 yr old needs to sound like she is 10?!?! I decided to ignore her when she calls me mom...I think she's starting to realize bc she ends up calling me mommy to get my attention. This is one change I am not ready for.

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  1. Get used to it! Just wait until she calls you "ma'am."