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Monday, December 14


I know other than my product review blog, I have been missing in action for about two weeks. I still have been having some tough times with my pregnancy and the Hyperemisis. Two weeks ago I had experienced another solid week of not keeping liquids and solids down. Just when it was looking like the roughest parts of my pregnancy was ending, it had started back up again(I will spare you the details). Anyway, I am starting to feel better and keeping food down. According to my Dr., there is a bright side to this, I've lost 35pnds. I wish it was this easy to lose weight when not pregnant.

Anyway, two weeks ago we went and had our ultrasound to find out the sex. Well, without further ado.......IT'S A GIRL!!!! We will be welcoming Emma Grace Delima to our family in April and we could not be happier.


  1. Congratulations :o) It is good to hear that you are doing better! And what wonderful news about your little baby girl...such a sweet name you have picked out :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Dear friend! I am so so so out of the loop...I am looking forward to my Christmas "break" from working full time...and hopefully, I can get around to catching up with past blog reading!

    Thank you so much for stopping by! And I look forward to coming back.

  2. I love the name! Congrats on another little girl.