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Saturday, February 20

I Know...

I Know...About your habit that you try to hide from others.
I know...That you are only being nosey for your own benefit.

I Know...That you have lied to me as long as I have known you.

I Know...That I have let you hurt me without repercussions.

I Know...What you are about to ask of me.

I Know...That I have kept your secret as long as I have known you.

I Know...That I have tried with you, yet you still act like your better than me.

I Know...That I am not intimidated by you anymore.

I Know...That you are unhappy.

I Know...That you are really a liar.

I Know...That you think you are doing things in my best interest, but really its all about you.

I Know...That you lie to those that are closest to you.

I Know...You have never put your kids first, you only think you have.

I Know...That you truly believe what comes out of your mouth is the truth, but its not.

I Know...That you live in your own delusional world.

I Know...That this pertains to more than one person!!


  1. Do you need to cross-reference this with my post?? ;)


  2. I'm so sorry you are having a rough time. I hope things get better soon.