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Friday, February 26

Trying to keep things together

As previously stated before, the Delima household has been in shambles. I will say we are in a better place now then we were last week. The floors are done!!!! Yes, finally done and the contractor that we worked with was a pleasure to do business with (granite we were only the middle people between the contractor and insurance company). Regardless, we are happy, hopefully. I say hopefully because we haven't officially been able to see the final result in all the rooms. We've been able to see the dining room where the new floors were put in and it looks great! Last night we were able to open the front door and peak in to see the living room which had been sanded and sported the first of 3 coats of finish....heck, I would have been pleased with just one coat of finish. I'm excited to see how it looks with 3 coats, but that will have to wait until tomorrow :( We will get to walk on the floors tomorrow, but can't actually put the furniture back on until Sunday.

So what does that mean for us? Well last night we spent our first of 3 nights here. Its nice, its right by our jobs and Fred gets a really great discount through his work (not that it matters b/c again, the insurance company is picking up the tab). The only problem is that the bed is not as comfortable as it looks. I did not sleep well at all last night. Granite, I had a lot on my mind, but a really comfy bed would have helped to ease the stress a bit.

What stress am I going through right now? Well lets see if I can get through this without melting down in the middle of my office on my lunch break. I had a doctors appt. yesterday for baby Emma. It was a scheduled ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels. Last week I had stated that my level was just above 8 and if it dropped below 7 it would cause an alarm. Well, I was a bit wrong. If your levels drop below 5, they will induce. They do this b/c normally when the levels are so low, the baby is in distress and they need to take them. Well yesterday was a day of panic, rushing around and lots of tears.....I mean so many tears I have busted blood vessels on the right side of my cheek. My levels have dropped to a 3.5. The only reason why I am at work typing this blog is b/c my little Emma is not showing signs of distress right now. She looks strong, so we are letting her cook as long as possible, even if its only a couple extra days. I have been advised to register with the hospital this weekend and I have another appt. first thing Monday morning. If my levels drop between 1-2, I have no choice but to be induced. As fast as my levels have been dropping, it looks like I will be having my Emma Monday or Tuesday. Please say a few prayers b/c I will only be 33 weeks and she is still only at approx. 3pnds.

I will keep you all posted when possible. In the meantime, I am hoping we can get our furniture put back in place on Sunday before all this takes place. I am so not prepared for an early arrival. My house truly is in shambles and I now have a ton of dusting/laundry to do courteous of the flooring company (again, not their fault, it comes with the job). I also have my mom picking up all my daughters baby clothes this weekend (which is in PA, I might add) so she can bring it down to me. Like I said, I really am not prepared for this. Thus all the emotions that are flying high right now.

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  1. Everything will be ok. My little guy was a 33 weeker and is doing great. I had low fluid with my first and had a c-section about 5 days before my due date and she was fine. And with my little guy, my water flat out broke at 28 weeks. I had practically no fluid and he stayed in until 33 weeks. Did you know your body will continue to make fluid until the baby is born. Even with ruptured membranes.

    Just take it easy and try and relax. Things will be ok. {{HUGS}}