Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Saturday, March 20

Let the regressing begin!!

So its no secret that there have been some changes going on in our house lately, some good and some that I am not enjoying.

Alexi has been going through her own changs the last couple of weeks, and not for the better.
  • She has gone back to wetting the bed and asking to wear diapers and pull-ups. Her reason is "bc that's what babies wear!" I vowed that I was not going to buy anymore pull-ups, but I am at the point that I am getting some this weekend bc I am tired of changing bed sheets in the middle of every night. (And yes, we have stopped giving her anything to drink after 7:00pm. We started that over a month ago, beginning at 7:30pm and changed it to 7:00pm bc it was not helping. It still is not helping!)
  • She asks Fred to hold her sippy cup for her while she drinks from it like a baby. (She won't dare ask me bc she knows I won't do that. Daddy spoils her and she knows he will do it, even when I tell him not too!)
  • She is not speaking with her words at home! She is doing the 'eh eh" sound for everything. I have gotten to the point that I do not respond to it anymore. I ignore her until she uses her words.
  • She wants to sleep with us at night instead of her big girl bed.

I've heard many stories that this is common and that its just a phase and will pass. I truly believe that is true. My concern is, should I be more sympathetic to her? Should I stop ignoring the sounds and tend to her every whimper or should I continue what I am doing? We have made a point to have more "Alexi time" and have let her in on a lot of the decision making around the house. Is there more that I should be doing?

I am tired and have not gotten much sleep due to this!!

Friday, March 19


And so the countdown begins!!!

5-Five days of work left before I go out on maternity leave

4-Baby Emma will be born four weeks early

3-Soon we will no longer be just a family of three

2-Two car seats are in my car now.

1-One healthy baby is schedule for induction on Monday March 29th!!

Sunday, March 14

The girls rooms/newly finished hardwood floors

Here are some pics of the Alexi and Emma's rooms. I still have a few finishing touches to do, but for the most part, they are done.
Alexi's Room

Emma's Room
(I still need to hang her white shelves and get her a new fan)

Pic of our newly finished wood floors.

Thursday, March 11

Trying to make the right decision

I'm normally someone that can come to a quick decision. The last two days, I'd say I have not been as confident in the decision making. Thank God I have a such a supportive husband who has a sound mind. I spent more than half of yesterday in the hospital. I had been throwing up from 6:30 yesterday morning to approx. 4:00. I began to experience chest pains, numbing feeling in my upper body, abdominal pain and dizziness. Keep in mind, I had not kept anything down since Monday evening.

I called Fred about 3:00 and asked him to come and get me and take me to the hospital. I was terrified of what I was feeling. (Before continuing, I should apologize to all the patrons driving on Battlefield Blvd. that saw me toss my cookies as we stopped 4 times on our journey to the hospital.) After spending most of the night there, it was determined that the cookie tossing is due to the hyperemesis, which is causing some of the abdomen pain. The rest of the abdomen pain is due to contractions that I am experiencing. The chest pains?...well all this is putting a light strain on my heart. My blood pressure is low and I have no energy. Once I got what the Dr's call stabilized, but I call function able, I was released. Why was I released??? I know that's what your asking. I was asking the same. EMMA! Through all this, she is doing fabulous!! The hospital monitored her through all this and she is under no circumstances being compromised from any of this. Surprising huh? She technically is causing all this for me, but is in no way being effected. I don't understand it. So this morning I had to have my NST testing and Dr. visit and was hit with this:

Dr: "Due to everything that you are experiencing, I think we should consider a new option."

Fred: "What kind of option? Can we just induce her now so that all this will stop? I know Emma is fine, but I'm worried about my wife."

Dr: "I am too, but I am not confident with inducing her without knowing how far along the babies lungs have developed. She will end up in the NIC Unit and most babies born early without developed lungs tend to have a lot more breathing problems in the long run."

Me: "So what alternatives do I have?" (As the tears are streaming down my face)

Dr: "I don't normally recommend this, but it is an option. We can do amniocentesis."

(My tears start flooding now)

Dr: "This will allow us to test the fluids in her lungs and see how developed they are. I'm not a fan of this procedure bc this procedure can cause your water to break earlier than expected and all though its rare this late in the pregnancy, there is a risk of terminating the pregnancy."

I could not even speak at this point. Thank God Fred started asking all the questions and expressing all the concerns that I could not get out. Up to this point in my life as a parent, this has been the hardest thing I've come across.

After composing myself and talking with Fred, we decided against it. I know that the next two weeks physically will be extremely tough on me and my body and God only knows what will happen, but I just can't justify taking that risk. (Any readers...I would love to know what you think or if you have had to have an amniocentesis. I realize I do not know all the pros and cons and would like to hear your experiences with this. If you don't have a blog, you can leave a comment anonymously using I think your email.)

Fred and I came to this decision together and we vowed we are going to get through this together. Any and all prayers are welcomed.

Tuesday, March 9

Viewers Discretion Is Advised

So the last week has been busy and emotional. We are finally settled back at home. We are very fortunate to have great families. Freds mom and sisters came the beginning of last week and helped move our furniture back. They also cleaned and organized my entire house. Let me tell you, my in-laws don't mess around when it comes to cleaning and getting organized. They came last Monday and left last Wednesday. My mom and sister then came on Thursday and continued the cleaning and organizing. I am so happy bc the girls rooms are finally put together (pics to come later). We are so fortunate.

We thought for sure that I was going to have Emma yesterday, but we are going to continue to keep her in as long as possible. I have an NST appt. on Thursday, and then another Dr's visit/ultrasound on Monday. We will be setting an induction date for the last week of March (I will be 36 1/2 weeks). We are going to try to keep her in until then. I am handling all this back and forth the best that I can without having an absolute breakdown. I'm excited that Emma is doing well enough to stay nice and cozy inside my belly. Me on the other hand....well I'm not hanging it so well. I am back to praying to the "Porcelain God" and losing weight. My Dr. is concerned about that....so concerned that I have this again:

Yes....today I had to have another pick-line put in. (I warned you ahead of time, its not pretty) For those of you that are new to my blog or just not aware, my Dr. had made me put a pick-line (a portable IV line) in a few months ago in my right arm. I only had it in for a short period of time, but long enough to leave a scar. This time I have one in my left arm. I am still not 100% ok with this, but I know that deep down its for the best.

I don't get a say in the matter, I get to carry this around for the next 3 weeks.

Packed with this:Yup....my unfashionable new hand bag comes with an IV bag (full of vitamins and anti-nausea meds) and an obnoxious pump. So what do I get to do for the next 3 weeks?...I get to play nurse and change my lines twice a day. Fun Fun Fun!!!

And for my friends...when you come to my house and go in my fridge for an ice cold beverage, look out for the ice cold bags of fluids. They are officially taking over my fridge!!