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Saturday, March 20

Let the regressing begin!!

So its no secret that there have been some changes going on in our house lately, some good and some that I am not enjoying.

Alexi has been going through her own changs the last couple of weeks, and not for the better.
  • She has gone back to wetting the bed and asking to wear diapers and pull-ups. Her reason is "bc that's what babies wear!" I vowed that I was not going to buy anymore pull-ups, but I am at the point that I am getting some this weekend bc I am tired of changing bed sheets in the middle of every night. (And yes, we have stopped giving her anything to drink after 7:00pm. We started that over a month ago, beginning at 7:30pm and changed it to 7:00pm bc it was not helping. It still is not helping!)
  • She asks Fred to hold her sippy cup for her while she drinks from it like a baby. (She won't dare ask me bc she knows I won't do that. Daddy spoils her and she knows he will do it, even when I tell him not too!)
  • She is not speaking with her words at home! She is doing the 'eh eh" sound for everything. I have gotten to the point that I do not respond to it anymore. I ignore her until she uses her words.
  • She wants to sleep with us at night instead of her big girl bed.

I've heard many stories that this is common and that its just a phase and will pass. I truly believe that is true. My concern is, should I be more sympathetic to her? Should I stop ignoring the sounds and tend to her every whimper or should I continue what I am doing? We have made a point to have more "Alexi time" and have let her in on a lot of the decision making around the house. Is there more that I should be doing?

I am tired and have not gotten much sleep due to this!!


  1. Catrina, sweetie...I am your opinionated friend. ;) And, I don't mean to offend you in any way, but stop giving in. She's 3. She's getting ready to become child #1 and not the only child anymore. She's used to being the only one...used to 100% of Mommy & Daddy's attention. Going from 1 to 2 is a rough change for all involved...been there, done that. Our transition wasn't nearly as difficult as yours is because Malia did not show any signs of regressing (the joys of having a strong-willed, sassy girl from the get go...excuse me while I go roll my eyes! LOL).

    She knows she won't be ignored. She knows she won't be any loved less. She will have a hard time adjusting and she may even resent Emma, but she'll come around. But, you've got to stay firm (as you already are!) and get Fred to do the same. Continue with "Alexi time" and all of the other wonderful things you guys do for her, but just stand your ground.

    You're doing a good job...you are...just let Alexi know that the behavior isn't going to fly for very much longer. ;) Good luck!

  2. Um, that would be loved any less and not any loved less. Oy vey.