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Friday, April 30


The title pretty much sums up my current financial state. Don't worry, I'm not shy about being honest when it comes to money. Finances in our household have been tough the last few months. I left my job in October bc it was either I leave or continue to get blamed for things that I could not control. Things that were morally wrong and possibly illegal. (Here's a slap in the face...even though I left I still get blamed!) My former employer fought my unemployment (Even after all I had done for him. J@ck@$$!!! Thats right, I said it. I have been nice until now. Just remember one thing, KARMA IS A B!TCH!!) I did not find another job until the middle of January, so I was out of work for 3 1/2 months. Before I left my job, I had already booked a family trip to Disney that I could not cancel. That was hard on our bank account. The IRS seemed to not like us this year and we had to pay over $900.00. OUCH!! As you all know, we had a new baby in March and having babies is not cheap! HECK...you need to take out a second mortgage on your house for diapers and formula alone. LOL! On top of that we made an unplanned trip to PA last week to visit a sick family member. And although spending time with family is priceless (especially when they are ill), my bank account was screaming all the way.

I need to figure something out and fast. We can't keep climbing up and then down the money mountain....something has to give!! Anyone got any ideas or some extra zeros lying around they don't need? (Just kidding. I don't ever expect money to just be handed over to me. That's one thing I have learned...you really do need to earn your own money to appreciate it.)

In the mean time, we will be sitting back and taking it easy for the next couple of months to let our funds build back up.....hopefully :-)

Happy Birthday

I know, I know!! I am a dollar short and a week late. Exactly one week ago today was my hubby's birthday. That's right, Fred turned 37 last Friday. I originally had a surprise date night planned with a sitter for the girls and dinner at a Brazilian restaurant, but had to cancel when we took a trip to PA to visit my GGPop whom is ill. It all worked out in the end bc not only did Fred get to spend his birthday with me and the girls, he got to spend it with his parents and sisters too eating homemade Brazilian food. (For those that don't know, my husband and his family are from Brazil)

Sooooooooo without further ado........


The Pros and the Cons

Lately I have been weighing the PROS and the CONS for a very important and life altering decision. I can't get into details about it right now. I will say this... if all goes through, the hubby and I will have a lot of work ahead of us! Work I don't really have the energy for.

This decision is going to be hard on our children and our marriage. I had not started losing sleep due to this change until just recently. I already feel it starting to take a tole on my emotions. I don't like that!

Hopefully soon I can discuss it here. Keeping this blog helps me to vent and let out my feelings and right now I feel I have not been able to do that lately.

I don't like secrets....I never did. I feel that in the end they always end up hurting someone. I have been keeping too many of them lately and it really puts a lot of stress on me. A lot of unnecessary stress. (This really should be for another blog post, so I will let it go.)

So stay tuned and hopefully I will be able to let this particular cat "out of the bag"!!

Thursday, April 29

Got Sleep?????

I DONT!!! Its one thing that I am truly lacking and need much more of. I give parents of multiples a lot of credit right now.

So today in honor of all parents of multiples, I lift my glass up to you!!Source: Etsy

Wednesday, April 28

Daddy's Love

Its a given that a mother (well most mothers at least) and their children have a natural bond. Its a connection that starts way before a baby is born. With me its an amazing and unexplainable kind of love. I just not only love my daughters, but I adore them. I truly believe that God planned for them to be in my life before I had even starting thinking about having children.

Now I know that some women say that the connection between a father and child is different, and in some cases that may be true, but not with Fred. Fred is so wonderful with our daughters. He created a whole new meaning to daddy's girls and was meant to be a daddy. (Anyone that knows us personally can vouch for that.) He has become so close to Alexi and Emma that its amazing to see them interact...the way he has bonded and the love he has form them is so strong.

I am so lucky to have them all in my life.....my life feels perfect and I know this is exactly how things were meant to be <3

Thursday, April 15

Take the what out of my ear?!?!?!?!

So on Saturday we were out and about picking some things up at the store when the following conversation occurred:

Alexi: Mommy (and then some mumbling)

Me: What Alexi? I did not hear you.

Alexi: Mommy...take the banana out of your ear!!

Me: Take the what out of my ear?!

Alexi: Take the banana out of your ear!

Me: Where in the world did you hear that from?!?!

Alexi: The Wonder Pets!

The Mom Moment:
Yup...I remember sitting there watching the episode where Ming Ming the duck told Tuck the turtle to take the banana out of his ear. Mmmmhmmmm. I did not yell at Alexi, but I told her she was not allowed to say that anymore.

Wednesday, April 14

Baby Update!!

Emma Grace is has finally made her presence!! She was born on March 29th at 7:03pm. She weighed 5pnds and was 17 1/2inches long. She is beautiful!!! Pictures will come soon. Now that I am a mom of a newborn and a 3yr old, my free time is limited until I get the hang of everything so I am going to just list some FYI's for now.
  • Emma had the umbilical cord wrapped around her head once, but all was fine.
  • The Dr. let me pull her out during the delivery. (That was amazing!!)
  • I went 8hrs without any drugs before I gave in to the epidural. I labored for a total of 11 hours.
  • Emma was jaundice so we spent the first week having her levels checked at the hospital daily.
  • Emma's weight dropped and lingered at 4pnds 7oz, so along with having her jaundice levels checked, we had to do weight checks as well.
  • Since I was so sick during my pregnancy, my breastmilk was/is not fatty enough for Emma, so we had to resort to formula only. (Yes, we tried just supplementing with formula but she was still losing weight. Even now, at two and a half weeks she still has not reached back up to 5pnds and she has been on formula for a week.)
  • Since not much food had reached past my stomach during my pregnancy, my body doesn't seem to know what to do with it now. My appetite is back, but food goes right through me. And although I am not complaining about all the weight loss for myself, my "boom boom" on the other hand is not so happy, if you get my drift ;)
  • Alexi is a great big sister. She loves her "baby Emma". She is still going through her phases of emotions with having a new baby in the house, but we are fairing them the best way we can.
  • My in laws, mom, sister and brother all came into town after Emma was born and that was awesome.
  • Emma doesn't like to eat much so we have to stimulate her and push the feedings, but that's all working out and I think it will pass soon. She's getting better each day.
  • Emma loves her sleep. We pretty much always have to wake her up to change and feed her. She could care less that her tummy is grumbling or that she is wet.
  • I'm tired, but hanging in there. I went back to work this past Monday and I think I am doing alright. Last night was tough with the lack of sleep, but again, we are holding our own.
  • I've learned that with the second child I am not as stressed out. I don't worry about the little things like "waiting to go somewhere bc she might be ready to eat then" or "making noise around her bc she's sleeping". I'm more carefree when it comes to caring for her.
  • My hormones on the other hand, are not as relaxed. I was crying almost every other day. One day I cried every 20min. I mean it!! Fred said the water works had kicked in! Everything had set me over the edge. Good thing I'm pretty much past that stage. (At least Fred hopes, lol!!)
  • I'm loving life right now. I am so happy and would not change anything for the world! (Well, not unless I had the chance to win the lottery, then I'd change a few things. Other than wishing there was a bit more money in the bank account, life really couldn't get any better!!)