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Wednesday, April 14

Baby Update!!

Emma Grace is has finally made her presence!! She was born on March 29th at 7:03pm. She weighed 5pnds and was 17 1/2inches long. She is beautiful!!! Pictures will come soon. Now that I am a mom of a newborn and a 3yr old, my free time is limited until I get the hang of everything so I am going to just list some FYI's for now.
  • Emma had the umbilical cord wrapped around her head once, but all was fine.
  • The Dr. let me pull her out during the delivery. (That was amazing!!)
  • I went 8hrs without any drugs before I gave in to the epidural. I labored for a total of 11 hours.
  • Emma was jaundice so we spent the first week having her levels checked at the hospital daily.
  • Emma's weight dropped and lingered at 4pnds 7oz, so along with having her jaundice levels checked, we had to do weight checks as well.
  • Since I was so sick during my pregnancy, my breastmilk was/is not fatty enough for Emma, so we had to resort to formula only. (Yes, we tried just supplementing with formula but she was still losing weight. Even now, at two and a half weeks she still has not reached back up to 5pnds and she has been on formula for a week.)
  • Since not much food had reached past my stomach during my pregnancy, my body doesn't seem to know what to do with it now. My appetite is back, but food goes right through me. And although I am not complaining about all the weight loss for myself, my "boom boom" on the other hand is not so happy, if you get my drift ;)
  • Alexi is a great big sister. She loves her "baby Emma". She is still going through her phases of emotions with having a new baby in the house, but we are fairing them the best way we can.
  • My in laws, mom, sister and brother all came into town after Emma was born and that was awesome.
  • Emma doesn't like to eat much so we have to stimulate her and push the feedings, but that's all working out and I think it will pass soon. She's getting better each day.
  • Emma loves her sleep. We pretty much always have to wake her up to change and feed her. She could care less that her tummy is grumbling or that she is wet.
  • I'm tired, but hanging in there. I went back to work this past Monday and I think I am doing alright. Last night was tough with the lack of sleep, but again, we are holding our own.
  • I've learned that with the second child I am not as stressed out. I don't worry about the little things like "waiting to go somewhere bc she might be ready to eat then" or "making noise around her bc she's sleeping". I'm more carefree when it comes to caring for her.
  • My hormones on the other hand, are not as relaxed. I was crying almost every other day. One day I cried every 20min. I mean it!! Fred said the water works had kicked in! Everything had set me over the edge. Good thing I'm pretty much past that stage. (At least Fred hopes, lol!!)
  • I'm loving life right now. I am so happy and would not change anything for the world! (Well, not unless I had the chance to win the lottery, then I'd change a few things. Other than wishing there was a bit more money in the bank account, life really couldn't get any better!!)

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